Twitter Now Alerts Users To State&Sponsored Attacks

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Recently, Facebook helped a State Department learn a activities of Iranian hackers that had compromised a email and amicable media accounts of supervision officials. This was a outcome of a new feature a amicable network combined in Oct to warning Facebook users to state-sponsored attacks that might have targeted their accounts.

Twitter has introduced a identical notifications system, it seems. According to a Guardian, a association emailed some-more than 20 users with a notice observant their Twitter accounts were among “a tiny organisation of accounts that might have been targeted by state-sponsored actors.” A Canadian nonprofit called Coldhak posted a minute in full on Twitter:

The emails did not indicate to any suspects and claimed that no comment information was indeed stolen. One of Coldhak’s first directors told Reuters that there was “no conspicuous impact of this attack.”

Twitter’s idea that users spin to Tor, a apparatus to stay unknown on a Internet, was met with some criticism. In a past, Tor users have found that Twitter has mistaken their accounts for spam and blocked them. The Guardian notes that to collect a blocked account, users contingency yield a phone number—an identifier that was enclosed in Twitter’s list of information that might have been compromised.

[via Gizmodo]

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