Twitpic Shutting Down on Sep 25 over heading brawl with Twitter

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In what could be termed as an ‘unexpected and hard’ passing of Twitpic, a Twitter-integrated photo-sharing use final week announced closure of a about 6 years aged operations from Sep 25.

The preference to go offline came in a light of heading disputes between Twitpic and a microblogging site Twitter, a association on that it relied for business.

Expressing beating over a development, Twitpic owner Noah Everett pronounced that a ‘demise of Twitpic is astonishing and hard’.

Twitpic was founded in a year 2008.

“We are unhappy to see Twitpic is shutting down. As Twitpic has finished for years, we inspire developers to build on tip of a Twitter service. We had also finished it transparent that they could work regulating a Twitpic name,” a Twitter orator said, while adding, “Of course, we also have to strengthen a brand, and that includes trademarks tied to a brand.”

The microblogging site had progressing threatened to bar a API entrance to a photo-sharing use provider in box it fails to dump a focus to heading a ‘Twitpic’ name.

Meanwhile, a Twitpic owner pronounced that they have finished zero wrong with a tradewark that uses for a company.

In a company’s blog post, Twitpic owner said:

“We creatively filed for a heading in 2009 and a initial use in commerce dates behind to Feb 2008 when we launched. We encountered several hurdles and problems in removing a heading authorized even yet a initial use in commerce predated other applications, though we worked by any plea and in fact had only recently finished a final one.”

Meanwhile, Twitpic has announced launch of an exporting apparatus before final closure that will users to download their photos and videos from a service.


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