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It’s been some-more than a month given tvOS and a tvOS App Store launched alongside a new fourth-generation Apple TV, imprinting a good time to take a demeanour during a state of a tvOS App Store. AppFigures currently published some figures on tvOS apps, giving us an overview of a new App Store’s swell given it launched.

There are a sum of 2,624 apps accessible in a tvOS App Store, and AppFigures expects expansion to strike 5,000 apps in Jan and 10,000 apps early in 2016, with an normal of 447 apps being combined to a tvOS App Store any week. At that expansion rate, tvOS is closely mirroring a expansion of a strange iOS App Store. In Jul of 2008, a iOS App Store launched with 500 apps, and expanded to 9,676 apps 4 months after in Nov of 2008.

At 6 months, a iOS App Store was during 15,000 apps and 500 million downloads, so it will be engaging to see if a tvOS App Store keeps pace. As of now, a expansion rate compared to a expansion rate of a iOS App Store is earnest — in a few years, a tvOS App Store could closely resemble a iOS App Store in terms of app availability.

Of course, Apple will need to tempt developers to a height for it to be as successful as a iOS App Store, and that could be an ascending battle. TouchArcade editor-in-chief Eli Hodapp recently spoke to mixed tvOS developers who have renouned apps and games in a tvOS App Store, many of whom are earning $100 “on a good day” with income that’s been trailing off given a Apple TV launched.

The tvOS App Store might be flourishing steadily, though if Apple can’t inspire developers to emanate high-quality calm for a platform, it could go a approach of a Mac App Store instead of a iOS App Store. Aside from a handful of super renouned apps, many Mac App Store apps aren’t bringing in a lot of money and some developers are even abandoning a height since of a approach Apple has rubbed it.

There are no ads accessible in tvOS apps, so developers contingency assign income adult front or beget income by in-app purchases. A lot of people have come to design calm for giveaway by a iOS App Store, that is problematic. According to AppFigures, 39 percent of apps on a tvOS App Store are paid apps. Most paid apps are labelled during $0.99, and roughly all paid apps are labelled next $4.99.

When it comes to a combination of apps in a tvOS App Store, games are, unsurprisingly, a many renouned category, creation adult 38 percent of all Apple TV apps. Of a 2,624 apps available, 1,002 of those are in a Games category. Entertainment, that includes apps like Netflix or Hulu, is a second many renouned category, followed by Education and Lifestyle.

Though games are a many inclusive apps in a tvOS App Store, formed on a tip 50 many downloaded apps, business are some-more meddlesome in a Entertainment category, downloading apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go. Games is a second many renouned download category, followed by News.

AppFigures information was collected from a Appbase app catalog, that contains some-more than 4 million apps from all vital app stores, including Apple TV apps.

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