TV Review: ‘Skyscraper Live With Nik Wallenda’

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As with Nik Wallenda’s Grand Canyon walk, “Skyscraper Live With Nik Wallenda” represented an unashamed cocktail of hype, breathless exaggeration and showmanship, joined with a rather some-more pale publicity of born-again Christianity all a proceed across. After 95 mins of foreplay, Wallenda serve determined himself as this generation’s Evel Knievel, and Discovery Channel had what no doubt will be another boffo rating to sell, though carrying to practice a 10-second check that meant something had left dreadfully wrong. From that perspective, a corporate players survived their possess high-wire act, yet not all a participants transient unscathed.

Indeed, a casualties here were Willie Geist and Natalie Morales, who in hosting a eventuality merely seemed to infer that they will contend any nonsensical thing put in front of them on a teleprompter — over and over again. Granted, theirs was a rude task, asked to fill a initial 95 mins before Wallenda finally mounted a wire, that in all accounted for usually about 7 mins — or one twentieth of a sum time allotted to a made-for-TV event.

The rest went to commercials and promos (naturally), highlights of past Wallenda stunts (including a unavoidable glimpses of great-grandfather Karl descending to his death), animation of all from a mechanics of a try to a muscles in Wallenda’s body, and lots of fretting about a winds and weather, all in a name of building torment for a vast moment.

“If he falls, genocide all though certain,” pronounced Morales, in a tinge clearly designed to worsen expectation for such an eventuality.

“One man, 0 room for error,” pronounced Geist, looking rather elfish in his parka and stocking cap.

And so it went. The anchors attempted to ask a required questions — about Wallenda’s kids watching, about his expressions of faith, and so on — though there was positively zero journalistic in this special from an appendage of NBC News, employing an proceed so heavily steeped in hype. And while one can welcome such transport simply as spectacle, it’s formidable not to lamentation a idea of vital news groups thrusting so much effort and appetite into fabricating events that could be funneled into more required reporting.

For his part, Wallenda talked a speak about a risk during what amounted to a pregame show, though he was so cool, roughly relaxed during a initial proviso of a travel as to rather lessen a clarity of hazard — throwing out thank-yous to Discovery executives, pitching Chicago tourism and of march thanking God, not so humbly, “for a extraordinary talent you’ve given me.”

Strictly from a visible perspective, a vertigo-inducing aerial shots sojourn flattering dazzling, nonetheless not as considerable this time as they were amid a healthy beauty of a Grand Canyon.

In terms of motivation, Wallenda (who also pronounced a request with TV priest Joel Osteen) regularly returned to a idea of seeking to enthuse others, a controversial outcome during best. Perhaps foremost, in fact, “Skyscraper Live” and a prototype are many poignant for a intensity copycats their success will enthuse in media circles, as executives turn emboldened to give a go-ahead to other fraudulent live stunts in an try to tilt in large, DVR-proof audiences.

So while Nik Wallenda appears to have flattering good mastered his act, a some-more pertinent question is a yawning chasm into which an eventuality like “Skyscraper Live” competence eventually lead — until someone rolls a bones on a would-be daredevil to whom God hasn’t been utterly so generous.

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