Trump falls in Forbes 400 resources ranking, Illinois’ Ken Griffin rises

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Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who has been slipping in new choosing polls, has mislaid belligerent in another magnitude of success — his ranking on a annual Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans.

Trump’s net value was pegged during $3.7 billion, an $800 million decrease from final year, according to Forbes. The genuine estate developer and presidential candidate’s ranking fell 35 spots to No. 156 on a gilded list, expelled Tuesday.

Meanwhile, sidestep account manager Ken Griffin defended his pretension as Illinois’ richest man, with a net value of $7.5 billion, a $500 million boost over final year. Griffin changed adult 12 slots to arrange 57th on a list.

Overall, a abounding got richer this year, with a Forbes 400 representing a record-breaking total net value of $2.4 trillion. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates defended a tip mark for a 23rd uninterrupted year with a net value of $81 billion. Amazon owners and CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, changed past Warren Buffett for a No. 2 container with a net value of $67 billion, adult $20 billion from final year. Facebook owners and CEO Mark Zuckerberg ranked No. 4 with a net value of $55.5 billion, enormous a tip 5 for a initial time.

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