Trevor Noah totally jinxed his initial live ‘Daily Show’ during a GOP convention

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Corrections clarifications: An progressing chronicle of this story skewed a series of days ‘The Daily Show’ is airing from Cleveland.

Trevor Noah hosted his initial live Daily Show late Thursday night, and, well, he might have jinxed himself.

Noah and a show’s satirical news group has been in Cleveland given Tuesday to cover a a Republican National Convention. The third uncover on location, shot during a high school, went live so Noah could promote a prohibited take on Donald Trump’s gathering debate that finished moments earlier.

“We’re going LIVE as shortly as this (insanely long) debate ends,” the Daily Show posted on Twitter.

Noah seemed silly about a live hosting gig. He even shimmied onstage before a cameras started rolling, and told a audience, “I personally wish something goes wrong.”

And afterwards something did.

After creation clever, quickly-written jokes about Trump’s address, Noah tossed to a humorous pre-taped satire documentary, The Very Very Incredible Deal, narrated by Rosie O’Donnell.  A few moments in, however, a video stopped playing.

“It unequivocally froze on live TV,” Noah pronounced calmly, cameras on him “They’re revelation me to go to a break, though we can order a universe right now,” he joked. He did eventually go to commercial.

When a uncover returned, a O’Donnell-voiced piece restarted and played all a approach through.

Noah fast done light of a situation. “That’s how committed we are to display a uncover live,” he quipped, before pivoting into an talk with The Atlantic’s Alex Wagner about Trump.

After a show, match Roy Wood Jr. reliable that a glitch was legitimate. “That was not planned,” he told us. “Maybe it was some immorality Republican conspiracy.”

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