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16.31 Gerry Milligan has usually emailed and he proposes a hijacking.

Liverpool should waylay Podolski. He should be approached ASAP to supplement new
energetic in a manly 3 behind Sturridge with Coutinho and Sterling.

16.14 Why do bad things occur to bad people?

16.10 Ooh, here’s a good luscious one. Luis Figo has usually started
following Blyth Spartans on Twitter. No word on either this means he’ll be
entrance out of retirement to join a club.

16.05 I’m usually here for another hour. Email me with your thoughts on
life, a star and everything. Or usually who you’d like to see your club

15.46 Admittedly not send window associated though it seems a contrition the
BBC didn’t confirm to uncover a Blyth game. They’re 2-0 adult and one suspects
Manchester United and Arsenal tomorrow won’t move utterly a same turn of

15.34 Arsenal demeanour set to kick Man Utd to Ipswich’s £10m-rated
18-year-old midfielder Teddy Bishop. For some-more sum about this and the
fabulously named Tyrone Mings, simply click here.

15.29 Phil Neville has certified on a radio that he didn’t make a cup
of present coffee until a age of 37. we had a crony during university who
suspicion we done tea by regulating a microwave. Email me with identical stories
please. Yes, I’ve left full Partridge.

15.23 Some in a Spanish media are suggesting Manchester United are
gripping tabs on Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane. Brian Clough never
devoted any actor who sealed his eyes when going for a header.

15.10 In classical Chelsea style, they’ve loaned out a integrate of
youngsters. Alex Kiwomya (nephew of Chris) has left to Barnsley while
midfielder John Swift, 19, has assimilated Swindon until a finish of a season.

15.00 we have perceived an email from Joseph Porterfield in propinquity to
my comments during a start of this blog and we have to contend it’s magnificent.

Mr. Richman: we asked for comments, so… we have confused Heisenberg’s
doubt element with what physicists call a spectator effect. The
latter records that measurements of some forms of systems are formidable to
make though inspiring a complement itself (and therefore a outcome(s) being
measured). On a other hand, Heisenberg’s doubt element asserts
that there are boundary to a pointing with that we can (given a current
tools) magnitude certain earthy properties of particles. This is a
impossibly simplified (tweetable) explanation, though suspicion maybe we may
like to rectify your progressing comment.


PS Sad to see Pod go, though wish him good during Inter.

14.30 Darren Bent has assimilated Derby on loan. He was a buttress of my
anticipation football teams in years left by quite given we share a name. My
father, Marcus, would always embody his strike partner during Charlton for the
same reason. True story, one for a memoirs.

14.14 It’s a one you’ve been watchful for. Barnsley have extended
Peter Ramage’s loan from Crystal Palace until a finish of a season. Stop
all a clocks etc. Do we remember where we were when we listened a news?

14.01 Good night, honeyed prince.

13.55 Manchester United are anticipating to pointer Seamus Coleman this window
given Louis outpost Gaal has small faith in Rafael da Silva. After he was left
out of a patrol for a new win over Liverpool, outpost Gaal said: “Rafael
is not injured. Last week he was fit though we have to name on merit.”

13.45 What’s this? Only Ipswich fable Sean St Ledger unresolved out with
Taylor Swift on New Year’s Eve.

13.08 Depressingly predicted and predictably depressing.

13.02 Here’s a design of Gerrard training to suffer with lunch. You’re

12.53 Excellent work from David Sumner around email. Extra points for
signing off with The Fast Show.

So, if a NFL are looking to start a authorization during Spurs’ new ground, why
don’t we repay a compliment? MK Dons could immigrate to North America and
play from there – copiousness of players tighten to retirement like Lampard
Gerrard would adore it. Could rebrand as a Been there, Don that.

*I’ll get my coat*

12.41 While you’re whiling divided a hours until a football starts,
since not check out this outstanding
by Adam Hurrey on Ronnie Radford’s famous goal, a greatest
third-round FA Cup impulse of them all.

12.32 Susan Smith has emailed to have her contend on Gerrard. She even uses
a word, “idiot”, one that my mom inexplicably believes is
one of a many descent in a English language.

Sorry to see Gerrard leave, he could still give some-more to liverpool , my
major memory was examination him play during a impulse in time when he was part
of a best midfield 3 in a universe – Mascherano , Alonso and Gerrard.
They were all during their rise and ideally complimented any other. They even
done Torres demeanour good (sorry still bitter). What simpleton pennyless that midfield

12.27 It could be all change during Spurs. Rumour has it they are set to
offload Paulinho, 26, with Brazilian bar Cruzeiro a expected destination. His
name is still a arrange an irritating English Paul would have on his ram do
T-shirt. Aaron Lennon might also be on a approach out if any bar meets a £7m
aking price.

12.21 Arsenal are after Suarez. No, not that one. Supposedly
Arsene Wenger is after Atletico Madrid’s Mario Suarez. In a approach this is even
some-more startling than another bid for Luis given he’s a defensive
midfielder. Where will all this leave Abou Diaby? In a diagnosis room

12.15 Suspect someone is carrying a bit of fun here.

12.11 Another email from a Liverpool fan. Fredrik from Sweden is happy
about a Gerrard news.

errard’s depart couldn’t come shortly enough. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a
good actor or he used to be during least. But a significance of him on the
representation in a final few seasons have put a weight on a group and led to bad

For me, a captain should entail 3 critical abilities

1. Great teamwork rate.

2. True adore for a club.

3. Most importantly: a will to urge privately and turn a universe class
player.There’s zero wrong with carrying people like Ronaldo or Messi
as captains. They assistance a whole group improve.

In this department, Gerrard used to be good a integrate of years ago, but
newly not so much.

12.06 Valencia have denounced midfielder Enzo Perez after a Argentina
general finished his send from Benfica. He helped his country
strech a World Cup final in a summer (which is substantially some-more than you

12.01 Jermain Defoe is set to join Leicester from Toronto FC. Harry
Redknapp astounded nobody by claiming he was tip of his list of priorities
during QPR though Leicester looks a many expected destination.

11.50 People unequivocally don’t like it when we write this. Which is what
creates it fun.

11.41 Please email me. Without we I’m nothing.

11.37 More on Stevie G, Rodgers has now pronounced he could not guarantee the
earlier England captain adequate diversion time to keep him during a club. More
sum are here.

11.33 Les Coates has emailed to surprise me that Exeter’s Matt Grimes has
assimilated Swansea for £1.75m. The actor is “delighted” and
apparently he’s one to watch. Which you’ll get a possibility to if we have a
Swansea deteriorate ticket.

11.27 Since we were asking.

11.24 Big news! Gerrard has reliable he’s off to America in the

11.20 Hatem “Ben” Arfa is set to leave Newcastle and head
somewhere nice. Sorry, Nice. The good Nice matter read: “OGC Nice
have reached an agreement in element with Hatem Ben Arfa. The France
general will have a medical on Monday before to signing with Le Gym.”
Looks like Hatem’s new year’s fortitude was to go to le gym more.

11.15 Alan “Pards” Pardew is a manager of Crystal Palace
now and he’s got large plans. How best to set out his case and make transparent he
means business? Well, we’re conference he wants to get Yaya Sanogo on loan from

10.55 This one will make those of we above a certain age feel
nostalgic. We’ve collated a few of today’s send rumours in a familiar

10.45 Rafael Benitez wants to move Ron Vlaar to Napoli. Apparently he
could leave Villa now or during a finish of a season. Heady days.

10.38 An email from Ismail, a Liverpool fan in South Africa.

E-mailPersonally we consider Liverpool should channel their energies into shopping a
large name striker like Benzema, Cavani or Lavezzi for reasons that are clear.
They should demeanour to sell Toure, Sakho, Lucas and buy a CB that’s confident
and doesn’t make messy passes. Gerrard’s trip that cost Liverpool a title
was Sakho’s error for a pass that indispensable to go brazen not back. Liverpool
have adequate aggressive options, we usually need a good finisher.

10.23 Lukas Podolski is in Milan for talks with Inter. My least
favourite city in Europe’s biggest country.

10.17 Apparently Liverpool
are meddlesome in re-signing Steven Gerrard
next January. It would
substantially be easier to usually hang onto him though I’m certain Brendan Rodgers knows
what he’s doing.

10.07 While we’re on a topic, do we consider Jens used to negotiate his
agreement in Lehmann’s terms? Sorry, it’s still early.

10.04 In layman’s terms, Heisenberg’s doubt element concerns
a thought that in a routine of watching something, one can't assistance but
impact it. At my school, a headmaster would spasmodic lay in on a
duration to see what an typical doctrine looked like. Of course, as a outcome of
his presence, he never saw anything of a sort. The same is loyal of
ravaged sports fans filmed in mostly dull stadiums after large games. All
a executive wants is an picture of despondency and nonetheless a second these people
locate themselves on a large shade they can't assistance though call and grin
maniacally. Anyway, here’s anticipating a day of gripping dual eyes on transfer
rumours doesn’t change a march of story too dramatically. Oh, and email

09.00 Morning all and acquire to day one of a Jan send window
live blog. Darren Richman will take we by all today’s rumours
and tales from all 20 Premier League clubs and opposite Europe though we wish you
to get involved.

Who should your bar buy this month and why? Which bar will spend a big
bucks and that clubs need to accelerate their patrol for a second half of the

with your tales and thoughts

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