Trade Kobe Bryant? Time for Lakers to during slightest cruise a possibility

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Shot after shot left Kobe Bryant’s hands, 37 in all, with 14 connecting, 23 blank and 0 eventually mattering in the Lakers’ detriment to a Suns on Tuesday night. It was a unhappy visual: The vanishing star boring a nauseous physique of a 16-time champion Lakers by a minefield that is a Western Conference.

The Lakers are bad. Really bad. They competence not plea a ’72-73 Sixers for a misfortune record of all-time, though during a really slightest they will keep gait with this year’s tanking Philadelphia team.The Lakers are emasculate on offense (No. 16 in a NBA), a disaster on invulnerability and have a uncanny hatred to sharpened a three, a arms that probably each successful group of this epoch has employed in one form or another. Bryant has attempted scarcely a third of a Lakers’ triples during their 0-5 start, suggesting that he has unilaterally motionless there is still value in them.

It’s tough to see things removing most better, either. The report is heartless — a Nov. 28 home date with a Wolves is a Lakers’ initial diversion opposite a non-playoff contender — and assistance isn’t accurately on a way. Steve Nash is gone, Julius Randle is out for a season, and if we are banking on Nick Young to make a quantifiable difference, well, I’ve got Ernie Grunfeld’s bureau series for you.


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So I’ll ask: Why not trade Kobe?

Or, during a really least, have a genuine contention with Kobe about if he wants to be traded.

I know a arguments opposite it. The Lakers have a fourth-highest sheet prices in a NBA this year, according to Forbes, and they need a luminary to tempt people to buy them. Save for a integrate of post-Magic Johnson teams in a early 1990’s, L.A. has always had an captivate or, in a box of a Nick Van Exel/Vlade Divac/Eddie Jones-led teams of a mid-90’s, been good adequate to make fans forget they didn’t. A starless stinker of a group is one Lakers fans aren’t accustomed to seeing.

They need Bryant for radio ratings, too. The Lakers had a fourth-highest internal TV ratings in 2012-13, Bryant’s final full season, and a $4 billion bargain with Time Warner to live adult to. He’s a reason TNT and ESPN will still collect adult a Lakers-Warriors diversion that competence be over during halftime instead of Mavericks-Pelicans diversion that competence indeed be relevant. Stars expostulate ratings, and Kobe is still among a biggest in a sport.

But those reasons have zero to do with basketball. The Lakers are looking down a tub of a formidable rebuild. They could have $30-plus million in top space subsequent summer, and there are players they can call it at. They could make a creative, Chandler Parsons-style offer to a limited giveaway representative (LA-born Kawhi Leonard, OKC’s Reggie Jackson), they could chuck a max offer during Detroit’s Greg Monroe or Memphis’ Marc Gasol and they could also wish that a handful of players with options for ’15-16 (Al Jefferson, Brook Lopez) opt out and demeanour in their direction.

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There is one actor who creates clarity in LA subsequent season: Rajon Rondo. Several opposition executives trust a Lakers will make a clever run during Rondo subsequent summer, and it’s easy to see why. Rondo is immature (28), plays a vicious position and shares a same win-at-all-bleeping-cost opinion as Bryant. The Celtics are rebuilding and have a immature playmaker in Marcus Smart, that competence extent their enterprise to palm Rondo max money.


But Los Angeles had a boatload of income final summer too and all they could do was overpay their possess players ($9 million for Jordan Hill?) and catch Jeremy Lin. They attempted to urge — Bryant has attested to tha t– though personification in purple and bullion wasn’t all that appealing to giveaway agents, for whatever reason.Who knows if subsequent summer’s cropwill consider any differently.

Even with Rondo (and, for a consequence of argument, let’s contend Greg Monroe) what are a Lakers? A playoff team? With Randle behind and another high breeze collect — that a Lakers will palm to Phoenix if it’s not in a top-five — maybe.

A contending team? Not even close.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix answers your questions including because a Lakers are allergic to 3-pointers and what a Cleveland Cavaliers will do with Dion Waiters?

This isn’t to contend a Lakers should give Bryant away. Flipping Bryant and his $24 million agreement for failing deals creates small sense. But what if a Bryant trade recoups a immature actor and a destiny first-round pick? As tough as it is to partial with Bryant, life though him is entrance eventually. Boston saw a finish of a line entrance for Paul Pierce and traded a homegrown idol and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn for a resources that have replenished a register and given GM Danny Ainge a over-abundance of breeze picks to use down a road.

Bryant has a final contend here. He has a no-trade proviso and told Yahoo! Sports recently that he has no seductiveness in going anywhere. But this is November. What will Bryant consider in January, when a waste are piled adult and his 36-year aged physique is feeling a weight of carrying to lift a descent weight nightly? What will he consider if Phil Jackson accidentally suggests that a change of view competence be good for him? A reunion between Bryant and Jackson in New York creates clarity on several levels. The Knicks get a second star (which Bryant, during this point, needs to be) with a low bargain of a triangle offense. The Lakers could cook one of a Knicks’ large failing contracts, a immature square (Iman Shumpert?) and a destiny stable pick.

It’s something to consider about. Bryant is, understandably, smitten with finishing his career with a Lakers, with fasten Magic, Larry Bird and Tim Duncan among a NBA greats who played with one group their whole career. He has a energy to do it, though it’s going to be a severe approach to go out.

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