Tracking Google’s 10/4 event: Everything from Google I/O is finally ready

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Are we prepared for some hardware? On October 4 during 9am PT (Noon ET), Google is hosting a large launch celebration for a new phones and possibly all sorts of other Google Hardware devices.

Given a fact that Google kept a eventuality entice reasonably vague, a gossip indent has been in high gear. So with reduction than a week until a large day, it’s time to arrange by it all and establish a plausibility.

First up: Hype. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome OS, and Google Play, has been articulate this eventuality adult in a strongest probable terms. He compared a eventuality to a launch of Android 1.0 8 years ago, and “has a feeling” we’ll be articulate about a 10/4 eventuality 8 years from now. That’s fundamentally earnest this eventuality will be adult there with one of a many poignant events in Google’s history. Strong words.

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