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As the world’s largest heavy industry, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hyundai Heavy Industries”) has Lazi Taian, plans to invest 2.8 billion to build in this world-class engineering machinery production and assembly base.

“It has not yet been started, but the overall plan has been approved, all pre-construction preparation work is being actively move forward, is expected to be completed this year one of the main construction.” 18, Tai’an Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee Propaganda Department of the Miss Dong to the Economic Herald reporter Road. M & A Longtai Machinery

19, High-tech Zone in Tai’an City Gate Avenue, the middle of the day, young car Tyan base to erect the billboards alone. In the near future, young car will no longer be alone. Because in the car next to the young, hundreds of acres of the site has been pulling up the wall, land leveling has been basically completed, several construction vehicles are doing finishing work, a world-class base of construction machinery will soon open a building.

According to Herald reporter has learned, Hyundai Heavy Industries will be the investment acquisition Taian Longtai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longtai Machinery”) pattern.

Longtai Machinery was established in 1998, a large-scale private enterprises. As early as in 2007, Hyundai Heavy Industries began with the Longtai mechanical approached, the two sides plan to cooperate and focus on the construction of Tai’an, China’s largest production base of one of the loader. In 2008, Tai’an City and Hyundai Heavy Industries reached a consensus on strategic cooperation, Tai’an High-tech Zone and Hyundai Heavy Industries signed an investment agreement, the Government committed to Hyundai Heavy Industries for the construction of the project, production and operation to create first-class environment.

Since then, Taian City, Hi-tech Zone has actively coordinated with the Longtai Machinery Hyundai Heavy Industries agree the final merger agreement the two sides in December last year, successfully concluded. In January of this year, Shandong Province Development and Reform Commission, Commerce Department formally approved the construction of the project.

Currently, Hyundai Heavy Industries has been deployed to the Tai-management team, its overseas factories Minister of Construction Cuiming Gui-pilot told reporters, “We have a project planned to invest 330 million yuan, mainly produces 3 tons, 5 tons, 6 tons and above loaders . all the operational, three years, sales reached 5,000 units, 5 years to 1 million units, annual sales income can reach 30 billion yuan, tax 150 million yuan. but the project has yet to officially start, other things to say too much inconvenience. “

According to one person to the Federation of Tai’an City Herald reporter revealed that the project was originally brokered by the Federation of Returned Overseas, the future of the total investment of up to 28 million, will establish an annual output of 10000 pieces (sets) Engineering machinery and equipment, annual output value of 2 billion yuan in construction machinery manufacturing and assembly base. Foreign investment into the mechanical giant raging Lu

In addition to Hyundai Heavy Industries, the machinery industry and another two foreign giants have also been Lazi Taian, the two companies to co objects are old machinery enterprise in Shandong Tai’an Crane Machinery Factory.

Tai’an Crane Machinery Factory, Shandong Engineering Machinery Group was originally a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Province, one of the three engineering machinery manufacturing base, and one of the leading enterprises in the automotive industry Tai’an City in 2006 by the management holding company, Taian Dongyue Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongyue Heavy Industries”) acquisition.

In 2003 and 2009, Tai’an Crane Machinery Factory (and later Dongyue Heavy Industries), respectively with Japan, one of the top five chaebol Furukawa Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd. a joint venture with the Taian Taian Furukawa Machinery Co., Ltd. Furukawa Co., Ltd. lorry-mounted crane, with a total investment 220 million yuan, mainly engaged in Japan’s first brand UNIC lorry-mounted crane and truck manufacturing and marketing.

In 2008, Dongyue Heavy Industries, the world’s largest crane with Manitowoc Crane Group, the U.S. joint venture company, which financed the acquisition by the Dongyue Heavy Industries, 50% of the equity joint venture after the company changed its name to “Manitowoc Dongyue Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.. ” At present, the company has completed the changes to industrial and commercial registration formalities, Tai’an Crane Machinery Factory a step by step transition to the “Manitowoc Dongyue Heavy Industry Co., Ltd..”

Apart from the above-mentioned three companies, there are a lot of fancy machinery industry in Shandong foreign giants as well as the Chinese market, and in recent years set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions boom.

Hoisting Machinery Plant in Taian, Shandong Engineering Machinery Group, the parent company, for example, this once known as the China Construction Machinery Industry No. 2 business. Today, in addition to controlling stake Shantui things, has been basically empty shell, and its most gifted, a subsidiary of foreign takeover.

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