Timothy Ray Jones, Dad of Five Slain Kids, Will Face Murder Charges

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Weeks before a South Carolina father allegedly murdered his 5 kids, gathering them opposite 3 states and dumped them in a woods, authorities investigated a child-abuse censure opposite him though motionless they were not in danger. “At that time there was zero to alarm them immediately, Department of Social Services executive Jackie Swindler pronounced of a caseworker and deputies who looked into a Aug. 7 claim opposite Timothy Ray Jones Jr.

Jones, 32, is now being brought from Mississippi, where he was arrested over a weekend in a blood-spattered Cadillac Escalade, to South Carolina to face 5 depends of murder. The stays of his children, who ranged in age from 1 to 8, have been driven behind from Alabama, where they were found in a woods in rubbish bags on Tuesday evening.

“In all my years in law enforcement, we have never seen a box like this,” pronounced Lewis McCarty, policeman of Lexington County, South Carolina.

Police contend they trust Jones, who worked for Intel, killed a children in South Carolina someday before Sept. 3, when they were reported blank by their mom and their school. He allegedly gathering their stays opposite 3 states and left them off a highway in Camden, Alabama, before streamer to Mississippi, where his relatives live. He was incarcerated there on Sept. 6 when a sheriff’s emissary who “had been around prolonged adequate to know a smell of death” looked in a behind of a car during a trade stop, according to a prosecutor.

Police found blood, whiten and rags in a Escalade. Jones — who was “high as a kite” on fake marijuana, according to Mississippi district profession Daniel Jones — eventually confessed to murdering a children and led authorities to their temporary graves, officials said. “He has not indicated since he did this,” pronounced Lewis McCarty, a policeman of Lexington County, South Carolina. The DA told NBC News that Jones “probably usually went mad.”

After Jones and his mom Amber separated, he won control of a children. Court papers fact a uneasy matrimony and a conflict over where a kids would live. A family therapist wrote in a 2012 confirmation that Jones was “a rarely intelligent, obliged father who is means of caring for his children as a solitary custodial parent.”

“He is no foreigner to shortcoming as he worked his approach by a really perfectionist and severe undergraduate engineering module while being a father, father and worker of mostly some-more than one job,” she wrote.

“His thoughts are really detailed, movement oriented and focused on his children,” she continued. “When Mr. Jones sees an obstacle, he sets his sights on a fortitude and is peaceful to go by a often-difficult routine of achieving his idea of resolution.”

The therapist did not lapse a call for comment, and Jones’ control counsel was out of a country.

Because a father had authorised custody, military said, they motionless not to emanate an Amber Alert for a children when their mom reported that she had not been means to hit her ex-husband. McCarty pronounced all a justification in a box points to a children being killed “very early on.” A snippet of Jones’ credit label showed he usually bought food for one while he was on a road, and there was no pointer of a children when he stopped during an ATM in Mississippi, DA Jones said.

The victims’ mother, who had been divorced from Jones for about a year, has not oral publicly about a murders. “I don’t consider that there’s a chairman in this room that can pronounce to a mom of these children and not turn emotional,” McCarty pronounced after assembly with her. “She’s a really good person, a really honeyed lady. She is in startle and is intensely distraught.”

Jones’ family has been in hit with a open defender in South Carolina, Boyd Young, though he pronounced he had no criticism on a allegations since he had not nonetheless met with him.

Jones’ father, Timothy Ray Jones Sr., pronounced his son was “not an animal.”

“Our son was a really amatory father,” he pronounced during a press discussion outward his Amory, Mississippi, home. “We do not have all a answers and we might never have all a answers.”

He pronounced a commemorative for a children — who were identified in Family Court papers as Merah, 8, Elias, 7, Nahtahn, 6, Gabriel, 2 and Abigail, 1 — would be hold Friday.


— Tracy Connor and Vivian Glover
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