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We haven’t listened most from Tiger Woods recently, given he left a PGA Tour in Aug since of a behind injury, yet that has changed.

Woods wrote an minute for The Players Tribune, a website started by Derek Jeter to give athletes a place to demonstrate their opinions yet going by a common media channels. In a square headlined, “Not True, Not Funny,” Woods rips into a satire square by Dan Jenkins in Golf Digest.

In a parody, Jenkins conducts a feign talk with Woods, and in box anyone suspicion it was real, a magazine’s editors headlined a piece: “My (fake) Interview with Tiger.”

Woods isn’t accurately a tough aim for parody, and Jenkins draws on some of a golfer’s obvious issues, from his story of banishment people who work for him to his repute for being a terrible tipper.

Was it a funniest sports satire we’ve ever read? Certainly not. But there were some humorous pieces to it, including a poke during Woods’ bent to call everybody by a nickname:

The small conflict includes a Hall of Famer on one side, yet substantially not a side we competence assume. Jenkins is a one in a World Golf Hall of Fame, carrying been inducted in 2012. (Woods becomes authorised in 2016.) Jenkins is a well-respected sportswriter who for years supposing reports from majors for Sports Illustrated that were some of a magazine’s highlights.

But Jenkins also is 84 and of a most progressing era than a 39-year-old Woods (his anxiety in his satire to Tomb Raider and GameStop seem a bit forced). He lonesome golf during Ben Hogan’s heyday and by Jack Nicklaus’ arise and positively considers a competition sacrosanct.

Woods, of course, increased a diversion in a approach that few could have seen, creation it, for a few years, cool, really cool. Purses on a PGA Tour grew astronomically since of his popularity, and it’s good documented that any vital that does not have Woods in row suffers in ratings. Woods has been golf’s portal to mainstream sports relevance.

Woods, though, was dismantled by his health and his appetites, positively not a initial contestant to outing since of them. His philandering became a large partial of his story, and while his falloff in golf positively has some-more to do with his knees and back, his falloff as a sports idol has some-more to do with his carnal off-course headlines.

Jenkins should know about those. His football novel “Semi-Tough” is dirty with “cigarettes, whiskey and furious women” that give a work a carnal peculiarity that done it a outrageous best seller and, later, a movie.

Woods didn’t only stop during expressing his snub by a essay. His manager, Mark Steinberg (Steiny, as Jenkins points out), writes a minute to Golf Digest’s publisher, perfectionist an reason and apology.

There’s behind story there, too. For years, Woods was compared with Golf Digest, doing tips and other articles, yet a attribute finished in 2011 in a arise of a sex scandal. In his letter, Steinberg asks, “Would this story have even been deliberate if Tiger was still compared with Golf Digest?”

Maybe. Or maybe, behind when a renouned repository was happy to be trustworthy to the sport’s biggest star, that star would have laughed during a parody. These days, Woods seems too mostly to be a satire himself — of a thin-skinned, past-his-best-years  athlete.

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