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The film censor Roger Ebert once said, “No good film is too long, and no bad film is brief enough.” The same is loyal of merger negotiations — when a transaction creates sense, it’s value going a additional mile, while other deals don’t consequence a effort. In a box of AMC Entertainment’s takeover of Carmike Cinemas, it’s a understanding value fighting for.

AMC Entertainment’s initial offer of $30 a share left some Carmike shareholders feeling short-changed. So some pushed back, job for a aloft price or an finish to a understanding altogether. That forced a movie-theater bondage behind to a negotiating table, and they came adult with a improved agreement in a end, even if it took months to get there.

AMC and Carmike announced Monday morning the revised terms for their merger: $33.06 per share in money or 1.0819 AMC shares. It’s a 10 percent strike to a strange offer and gives Carmike shareholders a possibility to possess AMC, that is controlled by Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Dalian Wanda Group. In announcing this new agreement, AMC done plain that there will be no some-more sequels to understanding talks — a show’s now over, hurl a credits:

For comprehensive clarity, let there be 0 room for doubt or miscalculation. This latest agreement between AMC and Carmike is a best and final offer.

This is a most some-more offset transaction now and one that will expected interest to a lot of shareholders, even yet it doesn’t overpass a gap with a $40-plus that dual dissenting shareholders demanded. On July 15, Mittleman Brothers done transparent that a $33 offer would still be “grossly inadequate” and a “cynical captivate to quick-buck artists.” Judging by Carmike’s early trade Monday — and maybe these are a quick-buck artists Mittleman was referring to — others seem to consider a understanding is on. Carmike’s batch traded during an roughly 7 percent bonus to a new offer yet remained above $30 a share on Monday morning, implying some investors still consider a transaction will secure adequate votes, yet it’s not a certain thing.

It’s tough to complain with AMC’s bid now. It’s aloft than where analysts saw Carmike shares trade in a year’s time. It’s a satisfactory takeover premium. And Carmike’s house has concluded to it. Also, Carmike investors wanted some AMC shares and now they can get them. 

AMC will be a stronger, some-more appealing association after its Odeon UCI purchase and if it can get Carmike. With Carmike, it would add theaters in areas where there aren’t AMCs, so it’s a good geographic enlargement within a U.S. And afterwards with Odeon UCI, a European sequence that AMC announced it was shopping dual weeks ago, it gets to enhance in markets abroad such as a U.K., Spain and Germany.

In both cases, AMC is appropriation locations that will need upgrades, such as some-more atmospheric recumbent seats and improved food choices, a dear routine that a association thinks will compensate off by luring some-more people behind to film theaters and yield expansion in an attention many had created off as past a prime. If you’ve been to one of these upgraded theaters lately, we can see because it may be value a aloft sheet price.

If this plan works, it could be really good for AMC shareholders — that will embody Carmike shareholders if they determine to this deal. If they don’t, Carmike’s batch might dump and AMC will be only fine

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