This 5-second video will pile-up your iPhone

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Apple’s iOS program peculiarity is being called into doubt again this week, following a find of a five-second video that will force an iPhone to close adult and freeze. Reddit users detected a bug yesterday, and all an iPhone user needs to do is click an MP4 record and watch it to knowledge a problem. The Verge has tested a bug on mixed iPhones using a latest iOS 10.1 updates, and beta copies of iOS 10.2. All of a exam phones sealed adult shortly after personification a video.

hard reset

In a video proof of a bug above, you’ll see that a couple to a video, delivered around iMessage, will make iOS 10 play a record in a default player. It appears that a video is corrupt, generating a loop that causes a iPhone to pile-up around 10 seconds after examination it. We’re not joining to a video for apparent reasons, though it appears to usually pile-up inclination when it’s sent as a couple rather than simply eliminated as a file. The usually approach to redeem from a pile-up is to reason a energy symbol and home symbol during a same time to perform a tough reset. An iPhone will work as normal once it has rebooted this way.

This isn’t a initial time that a pile-up bug has been detected in iOS. Last year, a fibre of text disabled Apple’s iMessage app on iPhones, and a company addressed a problem with iOS 8.4. Earlier this year, Safari started randomly crashing on iPhones due to a program emanate that was fast resolved. We’ve reached out to Apple to criticism on a pile-up problem, and we’ll refurbish we accordingly. For now, be heedful of any links to MP4 files that we accept from friends perplexing to antic you.

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