The Verge merch store is live!

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It brings me implausible fun to write this: The Verge merch store is back. Don’t trust me? Just go to right now and see for yourself.

Today we’re charity about a half-dozen shirt designs as good as 18 x 24-inch print of E-Waste New York City, that we done for Andy Hawkins’ underline “E-Waste Empire” progressing this year.

Command Line subscribers, demeanour for a bonus formula in currently and tomorrow’s newsletter. If we haven’t sealed adult already, you unequivocally should — it’s substantially a best email you’ll get each day.

There are a lot of people we wish to appreciate here, and if you’re as happy for this as we think we are, we should be thanking them, too. Amplifier has been a partner for copy and distribution, and they’ve been good to work with. From a product and pattern teams, who put in some-more additional time than they substantially should’ve: Georgia Cowley, Shawn Moriarty, Victor Ware, Courtney Leonard, Krystal Stevens, and Bo Kim. From legal, Brian Leung and we have quick turn best friends. On a editorial side of things, James Bareham and Chaim Gartenberg have been amazing. And many of all, a large appreciate we to Michael Moore, who has been a pushing force behind putting all these army together.

When The Verge incited 5 progressing this month, we betrothed that a modernise extended over a website itself. Not only off height though offline wholly (think: events). The Verge store will be updated frequently with new designs and other merchandising. We’re unequivocally vehement for what we have designed for we subsequent year and beyond.

And now, a FAQ:

Will there be general shipping?


Okay, cool. And what about that shirt Kwame is wearing? we don’t see it yet.

Coming soon!

And stickers?

Coming very soon!

Not a fan of American Apparel Unisex shirts. Will we be charity women’s sizes?

Definitely, and also… soon!

If we sequence today, will we get all in time for a holidays?

If we live in a US, I’d contend roughly certainly. More sum about rise deteriorate shipping can be found during customer use hub.

Okay, cool, thanks.

Is that it?

Yep, flattering much.

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