The Real MVP: DeMarco Murray Against a Quarterbacks

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Back in mid-September, we presented a question: Is Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers some-more expected to win a MVP award? The unfolding was set adult formed on a prior deteriorate and expectations for this year. The predictions haven’t been too distant off, yet today, 9 weeks into a NFL season, we’d like to move a doubt adult once again, this time expanding a options and a contention to embody 4 new players: DeMarco Murray, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck. Each of these people is creation a clever case, yet there’s still one who stands out. 

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6. Ben Roethlisberger

This was looking like another common year for a Steelers. They got routed by a Ravens during a week underneath heated glow after a Ray Rice debacle. The Steelers also had a indeterminate honour of losing to a Buccaneers a week after Tampa Bay held a football homogeneous of a Gears of War quell stomp, even by Thursday Night Football standards.

So with a Steel Curtain subsidy him and a violation of being obtuse than a Browns confronting him, Roethlisberger motionless to open his eyes to what’s around him. There’s Antonio Brown, a league’s personality in receiving yards; Martavis Bryant, a rookie who’s been jiggy in a finish section with 5 touchdowns; and, oh shit, is that a using game? It took Big Ben a while to figure it out, yet he’s got it. This isn’t a Steelers group that bruises. This one burns, and Roethlisberger is gentle being a block of that style.

Roethlisberger was walking for dual of a Steelers’ 3 waste (he was 29-of-40 for 3 touchdowns opposite a Bucs), yet he positively hasn’t been giving these games away. He has a second fewest interceptions (3) and is a third best in passer rating (110.6). Big Ben has never been that good after starting all of a initial 9 games.

That brings us to a partial of a evidence you’re substantially expecting: The records. Roethlisberger is a usually quarterback to chuck for some-more than 500 yards twice in his career and chuck back-to-back 6 touchdown games. Again, carrying Bryant and Brown on your side creates life easier. However, Tom Brady had Wes Welker and Randy Moss. Peyton Manning had Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison. Brett Favre had Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. None of them achieved that feat. 

Big Ben competence be on to something.

- Brian

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5. Peyton Manning

Peyton once again has it all going. The 17-year maestro became a NFL’s all-time personality in career flitting touchdowns this season, withdrawal Brett Favre behind, and Manning now starts a stand toward 600 (he’s during 515 going into today’s games).  He’s statistically as considerable (or some-more impressive) than usually about everybody this deteriorate (minus Ben’s absurd record-setting games) with 24 TDs to usually 5 INTs, a 112 passer rating, and a 67.3 percent execution percentage. 

The Broncos have had one of a toughest schedules of a year, and Peyton has led them to 6-2 record. He’s taken out a Colts, a Chiefs, a Cardinals, a 49ers, and a Chargers. His usually dual waste were to Seattle in Seattle in OT and opposite a Tom Brady Pats group final week that looks like it could be anybody right now. 

Manning is already a all-time personality (and usually chairman with some-more than three) with 5 MVPs (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013), so it wouldn’t be a warn to see him collect another. We’d adore to see a celebration he comes adult with, if he were to win MVP No. 6. 

- Tony

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4. Aaron Rodgers

The initial pass that Packers backup QB Matt Flynn threw this deteriorate was an interception. It was in rubbish time of an comprehensive dispersion of Minnesota, so it meant nothing, yet it was a good sign of how good a Packers have it. Rodgers, stability his unusual career norm, has a top passer rating in a joining during 113.6, his second-best mark. He’s thrown a sum of 120 TDs and usually 23 INTs given a opening of a 2011 deteriorate (19 TDs/3 INTs this year), and his pointing and decision-making is usually removing stronger. 

Last year valid that a Packers positively need Rodgers. In a 7 games that Flynn started when Rodgers was out, Green Bay went 2-4-1. Because we apparently can’t win an MVP endowment when you’re injured, that information should interpret good into care for this year’s award. 

Green Bay struggled out of a embankment to a 1-2 record (losing to Seattle and now first-place Detroit) and took a complicated sip of a Lebron-James-on-a-new-team jealous diagnosis to a face as a result. But a ever-collected-and-confident Rodgers gave a haters a transparent message: “R-E-L-A-X.” Then he delivered 4 true victories, including a last-minute quip in Miami, and a group averaged 36 points per diversion before descending to New Orleans in Week 8 (the “relax” thing competence not count to a committee, yet that gives him vital points in a book). 

The Packers have finished a bad robe of delayed starts (2-2 in 2009, 3-3 in 2010, 2-3 in 2012, 1-2 in 2013), yet Rodgers has consistently pulled a group together and led them to a playoffs. When he’s been healthy (2013 a exception), a former 24th altogether collect has posted a 26-6 record in a second halves of seasons given 2009. It’s not always pretty, yet he gets it done, and that’s what creates him so valuable. 

- Tony


3. Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s 2014 deteriorate has an eerily identical start to 2013: scenes of descent incoherence, Brady bitch-fits, and all around frustration. In fact, a Brady Bunch’s opening was so bad during one Monday Night blowout by a Chiefs that one contributor had a gall to ask Bill Belichick if backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo — who looked good during rubbish time — could reinstate Brady.

New England was rabble and Brady knew: “We don’t have a kind of offense that’s going to perform during a high level,” he said. The self-effacement incited into something else: “Let’s stop fucking up.” And a offense responded. The Patriots haven’t mislaid since, scoring during slightest 35 points in 4 of a past five.

Again, Brady is during a core of this aerial blitzkrieg. The Bears got it a worst, as he threw 30-for-35 for 5 TDs during a 51-23 mollywhopping. With that performance, Brady has thrown for 18 touchdowns with usually one interception and a 67.5 execution percentage. He’s roughly justified Belichick’s minimalistic approach to on-field personnel: As prolonged as Brady is there, they’ll make it work.

One strike opposite him is that his success, that started in early October, is directly related to Rob Gronkowski’s full health, that would indeed make a parsimonious finish a some-more profitable player. Gronk is heading a Patriots with 663 receiving yards, held 3 of Brady’s touchdowns during a Bears game, and is doing things like this. Yes, that’s a one hander, yes, that’s a prop on that arm, and, yes, Brady called it a best locate he’s ever seen

Gronkowski has held 8 touchdowns. That leaves 14 other flitting touchdowns. The parsimonious finish is essential, yet he’s positively not a crutch. This is still Brady’s show. Sorry Garoppolo.

- Brian

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2. Andrew Luck

Indianapolis’ new golden child doesn’t usually wish to fill a boots of Peyton Manning, he wants to make a NFL totally forget about him (ha, yeah right). After a Colts mislaid a initial dual games of a deteriorate by a total 10 points to Denver and Philadelphia, a white and blue have ripped off a 6-1 record and have averaged 34 points per game. During that time, Luck’s arm has accounted for 126 of those 239 points, and his legs accounted for another 6 (not counting additional points). 

The Stanford-bred QB is now on gait for 5,484 flitting yards, that would mangle a all-time single-season record Manning set in 2013 during 5,477. Luck has 3,085 by a initial 9 games, that means he’ll need to chuck for 341.7 yards any diversion from here on out. Considering he’s chuck for during slightest 300 yards in 8 of 9 games this season, that’s not out of reach. He’ll substantially even chuck in another 300 yards rushing this year, as well. 

Luck started a deteriorate with 13 TDs in a initial 4 games, that pennyless Peyton’s Colts authorization record of 11, that Manning set in 2004 and 2010. He’s already thrown some-more TDs than he did in any of his initial dual full seasons (23), his execution commission has jumped from 60.2 to 63.6, and his rating peaked from 87.0 to 100.3. 

As distant as being purchase goes, Luck indeed has 0 fourth-quarter comebacks or game-winning drives this year after executing 11 in his initial dual seasons. But what’s some-more purchase than environment yourself so good we never need to be clutch?

- Tony

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1. DeMarco Murray

One thing this NFL deteriorate has been blank (aside from receptive sense) is those Cowboys memes. They were abundant this time final season; Dallas was 5-5 and had given adult 51 points and a late interception (because Romo, amirite?) in a classical opposite a Broncos. Between Jerry Jones frolicking and Romo’s bad diversion during a opening week, 2014 was looking like some-more of a same. But a jokes stopped there. DeMarco Murray had other plans.

Murray is a league’s heading rusher by some-more than 300 yards, and he’s on gait to strike that 2,000 yard symbol on a season. He’s also usually had one diversion where he didn’t rush for during slightest 100 yards. He’s not too worried, though, as he already set a record for many 100-yard games to open a deteriorate with eight.

The strike opposite him is that he’s mislaid a fail in 5 opposite games. That’s a bit ironic, given how Murray has been a Cowboys  sturdiest fortitude and hint in new memory. That’s not to bonus Dez Bryant’s effort, but, come on, he’s Dez Bryant. The Cowboys haven’t finished a playoffs in a 3 years he’s been killing. This year, there’s a unchanging offense and there’s a Romo who’s motionless to cold it with a interceptions. We charge both of those to Murray’s impact.

If that’s not convincing enough, let a routinely fixed God Jim Brown tell it: “I have to start off by giving him congratulations, since a Dallas Cowboys are winning now and his grant is a good partial of that,” he said. “That’s a reason for a fact that they’re winning is he’s carrying a good year. He has my respect.”

Props. Props.

- Brian

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