The politics of an collision in a Occupied Palestinian Territories

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The cooler evenings of Sep in a hills of a Occupied Palestinian Territories are a ideal time to lay out on a patio and discuss with family and friends over coffee and grapes.

On Saturday dusk around 8pm, a Da’adoun family were doing only that in a city of Al Khadir, south of Bethlehem.

Yousef Da’adoun was smiling and cheering with family when his children and their crony Lama motionless to go play outside. “Be clever we pronounced to a girls.”

Still lamentation he continues his tale.

“We sat on a patio when we listened a large bang and cars cackle to a halt. There was screaming from below. we ran out onto a street.” What he saw will stay with him. His friend’s daughter, Lama, aged 6 was fibbing on a road.

A Palestinian driver, Ali Mousa, witnessed a accident.

“The Israeli settler got out of a car, and started cheering ‘what did we do! What did we do!'”

Ali isn’t certain either a motorist or another Israeli settler called a ambulance. Paramedics who arrived on a stage could do nothing. Lama was killed roughly immediately.

The circuitously settlements are bootleg underneath general law and a settlers are governed underneath Israeli polite law whilsts Palestinians are theme to troops law.

Nothing is elementary here

Both Israeli and Palestinian authorities contend a occurrence was an accident. Still, zero is ever elementary in these hills.

On Sunday we revisit a family. A brief stretch divided Israeli soldiers mount ensure in full fight rigging and with rip gas bin guns already loaded. After noon prayers immature Palestinian guys indent around a family’s house.

Lama’s family prove it was an collision though they fear a settler will not be brought to probity and will not face prosecution. Israeli military have expelled a settler and contend his box is underneath investigation.

No one here thinks a charge is coming. For them this collision is nonetheless another instance of life underneath function where they feel a smallest misdemeanour brings down a forceful Israeli greeting while any settler charge or occurrence mostly goes unpunished.

Source: Al Jazeera News

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