The Note: The Politics of a Storm

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–FLORIDA VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE WON’T BE EXTENDED DESPITE HURRICANE: Florida Gov. Rick Scott said that he will not extend a deadline for voter registration in a state notwithstanding a intensity impact from Hurricane Matthew, ABC’s TOM LIDDY reports. “I’m not going to extend it, if you, either it’s a registration date, you’ve had, everybody has had a lot of time to register,” Scott told reporters. “So on tip of that we got lots of opportunities to vote, early voting, absentee voting and election day so we don’t intend to make any changes.”

–WHAT THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN IS SAYING: On Thursday, a Clinton discuss had called for an prolongation of a Oct. 11 deadline in light of a storm. “The voter registration deadline in Florida is Oct 11th and a wish would be that a tiny bit some-more time will be given for people who were awaiting to be means to get purebred before a choosing and we positively design that a administrator and internal officials will make that possible,” pronounced Clinton discuss manager Robby Mook. Mook also pronounced that a discuss was focused on a reserve of Floridians. “Our initial priority on Hurricane Matthew is that people are safe,” he said. “We have been doing all we can on amicable media and email list to make certain that all Floridians mind a warnings of open officials that are observant this could be a really lethal storm.”

–THE DEBATE MUST GO ON: A comparison central on a Commission for Presidential Debates tells ABC’s TOM LLAMAS they see no unfolding in regards to a whirly that would impact them from changing a date or time of a debate. They are monitoring a news though a discuss is going brazen as planned.

–MEANWHILE, MARCO RUBIO’S SENATE CAMPAIGN IS PUSHING BACK AGAINST CRITICISM of a fundraising email sent to supporters as Floridians ready for Hurricane Matthew, ABC’s BEN SIEGEL notes. In a Thursday afternoon email, a discuss asked supporters to “stop what we are doing right now” to listen to a available audio summary from a senator. (The couple now redirects to a campaign’s website, and not a summary from Rubio). While Democrats criticized a appeal, Olivia Peres-Cubas, a Rubio spokeswoman, pronounced a summary was an aged email that was sent to supporters Thursday by a campaign’s digital vendor. “It was not sent to people in Florida, Georgia or South Carolina given we know they’re scheming for a storm,” she pronounced in an email. On Wednesday, Rubio emailed discuss supporters seeking for donations to a Red Cross and Salvation Army forward of a hurricane.



ERIC TRUMP DISMISSES QUESTIONS ABOUT TRUMP DEBATE PREP. One of Donald Trump’s children is dismissing suggestions that a Republican presidential claimant is not doing adequate to ready for his second presidential discuss opposite Hillary Clinton. “He doesn’t close himself in a room and memorize sound bites. That’s not who he is,” Eric Trump pronounced in an speak with ABC’s JONATHAN KARL and RICK KLEIN on a ABC News Powerhouse Politics podcast. “He speaks from a heart, he goes with his gut. He’s radical in that way, though that’s also what creates him endearing and constrained to some people.” Asked if Trump is doing anything opposite to ready for his second head-to-head discuss with Hillary Clinton after his unsure opening in a initial debate, Eric Trump criticized a judge — NBC’s Lester Holt — for not seeking Clinton about a 2011 Benghazi conflict or a Clinton Foundation. “He’s carrying to quarrel a whole media as well,” Eric Trump pronounced of his father.

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE EVAN MCMULLIN PICKS RUNNING MATE. Evan McMullin, a long-shot eccentric presidential candidate, has selected his using partner — maestro domestic and digital strategist Mindy Finn. Finn, 35, has worked for former President George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Twitter and Google. This cycle, she was a comparison digital strategist for the RNC and oversaw digital programs for a NRSC’s targeted races in 2014, writes ABC’s SHUSHANNAH WALSHE.

5 HOT-BUTTON TOPICS MISSING FROM THE DEBATES. Donald Trump has pronounced that he wants process to be a concentration of a presidential debates, though with one of his and Hillary Clinton’s face-offs down, along with a clamp presidential debate, some important subjects have been conspicuously absent. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY highlights some hot-button issues that haven’t been discussed in a tickets’ initial dual debates:

THESE TRUMP SUPPORTERS REJECT THEIR BELIEFS ARE ‘DEPLORABLE.’ It was arguably Hillary Clinton’s stickiest gaffe. Speaking during an LGBT celebration in New York City, she said, “To only be grossly generalistic, we can put half of Trump supporters into what we call ‘the basket of deplorables.’ In interviews with over a dozen Trump supporters opposite a nation within a past month, ABC News has sought to boundless a values of these Americans on a topics of Islam, bootleg immigration, same-sex matrimony and a birther controversy, ABC’s CANDACE SMITH reports.



FLASHBACK — BILL CLINTON’S HISTORY OF VERBAL CAMPAIGN MISSTEPS. Former President Bill Clinton might be famous as one of a best sell politicians in American politics, though there have been a series of instances where his off-the-cuff remarks have gotten him in trouble. The latest instance — when he pronounced that tiny businesses “were removing killed” by Obamacare — is not a initial time that one of his statements has caused difficulty for his wife’s campaign, both this year and in a 2008 race. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY and MATTHEW CLAIBORNE have more:



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