The new Cosmo: Love, sex, politics

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Move over “10 Craziest Sex Moves We’ve Ever Tried.”

Cosmopolitan’s website is creation room for something new to a a mythological women’s glossy: a midterm elections.

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The repository famous for a luminary covers, conform tips and attribute recommendation is diving into politics on Monday with a #CosmoVotes campaign, a new bid that will embody claimant endorsements, stories on women-centric issues by a recently hired domestic writer, and a amicable media bid to get readers to a polls and be partial of “the celebration of a year.”

“What we’re perplexing to contend is, ‘Think about a issues that are critical to you, and if we wish to have a voice, afterwards we need to use your voice. It’s all unequivocally good to lay behind and complain, though we don’t have a right to protest if we don’t use your vote’,” Cosmopolitan repository Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles pronounced in an interview.

Top editors during Cosmo pronounced they didn’t know either a magazine, owned by Hearst Corp. and initial published in 1886 before apropos a women-specific repository in a 1960s, had ever done claimant endorsements before. The endorsements, done by a house stoical of editors, will camber Senate, House and administrator races.

“[W]e have 30 million uniques [visitors] on a website monthly now during this point, … and we have about 18 million readers of a magazine. That’s a unequivocally estimable garland of immature intent women who wish to know a enlightenment that they are critical in.”

Amy Odell,’s editor and a personality of a politics effort, pronounced she’s aiming to make a midterm elections fun and not “boring and formidable to understand.” A amicable media debate will flog things off with a “Save a Date” for Election Day featuring a print of Beyoncé with American dwindle nails.

“We’re regulating amicable media in a unequivocally large approach given a assembly is unequivocally active on amicable media and they unequivocally rivet with us in amicable in many ways. We also wanted to have a lot of fun with it and make it feel like a party, apparently there’s a joke to be done with a biggest ‘political party’ of a year,” Odell said.

Every week from Sept. 8 heading adult to a Nov elections, editors will validate from one to 3 possibilities formed on an “established criteria concluded on by Cosmo editors.”

“Obviously it’s critical if we’re enlivening a readers to opinion for them to get to know a candidates,” Odell said. “[W]e’re going to find a fun approach to prominence possibilities we’re vehement about, so when a readers go to a polls they know who they should be looking to opinion for.”

The Cosmo publicity criteria tumble precisely into a magnanimous stay — equal pay, pro-choice, pro-birth control coverage, anti-restrictive voter-ID laws. Asked how a claimant who competence line adult on certain issues like equal compensate though is pro-life would fare, Odell pronounced that would be a understanding breaker.

“We’re not going to validate someone who is pro-life given that’s not in a readers’ best interest,” Odell said. “[P]eople contend that’s a magnanimous thing, though in a minds a not about magnanimous or conservative, it’s about women carrying rights, and quite with health caring given that is so important. All immature women merit affordable easy entrance to health care, and that competence embody terminating a pregnancy, and that’s OK.”

Coles pronounced a endorsements will concentration on possibilities in pitch states or possibilities who are strongly in preference of issues like contraception coverage or gun control.

“We’re looking unequivocally delicately during possibilities who we feel will be in seats that are pitch seats or we feel unequivocally strongly about a issues they mount for,” Coles said. “Access to health caring and entrance to contraception or termination if, God forbid, we need one, and equal compensate for equal work. And there might be some gun control issues, that is also something we trust in, shortcoming for gun owners. If there are possibilities who are in preference of 9-year-old girls sharpened Uzis during a thesis park — we are not in preference of those candidates.”

The magazine’s online comparison domestic author Jill Filipovic, a lawyer-turned-journalist and Guardian columnist whom Cosmo hired in April, will talk possibilities and tell pieces on issues of a day.

“They will be like a womanlike news group covering this things on an hourly basis. We will see and lane unequivocally delicately what readers respond to, and we know that they respond to this,” Coles said. “I consider we’re impossibly propitious we have a marquee beast of a magazine, though we also have this hourly ability [online] to promulgate what’s going on with readers and their response. “

Coles, who has pushed Cosmo to embody some-more politics in a final few years, pronounced she views coverage of lawmakers and issues as critical to women given it directly affects their lives. A story in a Nov emanate out subsequent month facilities an talk with dual former womanlike domestic possibilities and a struggles women officeseekers have with a media.

“People keep saying, ‘Oh, you’ve done a repository most some-more political,’ though we feel that these are about lifestyle issues for women. The biggest singular preference that will impact your life is when we have a child. we wish women to have control over that, not a garland of aged white guys sitting in D.C. That to me is because we am doing this,” Coles said.

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