The Latest: Cruz calls for Guantanamo expansion, not closure

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WASHINGTON — The Latest on discuss 2016 on a day of a Nevada Republican caucuses (all times as Eastern Standard Time):

3:40 p.m.

Republican presidential claimant John Kasich says he is uncertain if he was meant to be president.

Speaking during a city gymnasium during Kennesaw State University in Georgia, Tuesday, a Ohio administrator says he’s not certain if his purpose is to be president.

“My purpose is to be out here doing what we consider we need to be doing. And, we’ll see where it ends up.”

When asked about his rivals, Kasich deserted suggestions from an assembly member it was time to take a gloves off.

“I usually consider it’s time to finish all disastrous campaigning and a mud in politics,” he said. “I consider it’s a bad approach to run for president.”

Kasich’s entrance during a university was his second of a day in a Atlanta area. Earlier, he addressed lawmakers during a Georgia State Capitol and told reporters he had no skeleton to postpone his presidential campaign.


3:30 p.m.

Marco Rubio is receiving a Super Tuesday promotion boost from a understanding outward group.

Conservative Solutions PAC, a super domestic movement cabinet run by his tighten allies, is formulation for about $3.5 million in radio ads in 8 of a 10 states that import in Mar 1.

The super PAC’s heaviest spending – $1.4 million – is in Texas, that has several dear media markets and where Rubio aspirant Ted Cruz, one of a senators, was heading in new polls.

An ad common by a super PAC tags Donald Trump as “erratic, unreliable” and Cruz as “calculated, underhanded.” The ad concludes: “Marco Rubio, a Republican who can kick Hillary and enthuse a new generation.”

Conservative Solutions PAC is one of a few GOP groups – or possibilities – with promotion skeleton forward of a Mar 1 contests.


1:50 p.m.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says a apprehension core in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, should not be sealed as President Barack Obama has proposed.

Instead, a Republican presidential carefree pronounced during a discuss stop Tuesday in Fernley, Nevada, that a trickery should be stretched to residence some-more terrorists.

Cruz says shutting down a Guantanamo Bay trickery will outcome in a recover of terrorists who will eventually need to be recaptured. Cruz says he fears Obama might also spin Guantanamo Bay behind over to a Cuban government.

The Obama administration on Tuesday sent Congress a devise to tighten down a apprehension core and immigrate detainees to a U.S.-based prison.

Cruz also joked about Obama’s designed revisit to Cuba subsequent month, observant “it wouldn’t be a terrible thing if he usually stayed.”


1:05 p.m.

Democratic presidential carefree Bernie Sanders says Wall Street and billionaire discuss donors have an astray advantage in a U.S. and it will take a “political revolution” to relieve their domestic clout.

Speaking Tuesday to thousands of supporters during Norfolk’s Scope arena, Sanders frequency mentioned opposition Hillary Clinton, reiterating his faith that she was wrong on a NAFTA trade understanding and is too tighten to Wall Street discuss donors.

Virginia is one of several states holding a primary on a supposed Mar 1 Super Tuesday. While welfare polls have shown Clinton doing good in a assuage swing-state, a Sanders discuss says it is assured with a week to go until a contest.

Clinton recently began using TV ads in Virginia and former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to discuss on her interest in Northern Virginia and Richmond on Wednesday.


12:45 p.m.

Supporters of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump are stressing to intensity caucus-goers that they won’t need to hang around for hours, like in Iowa, to expel their ballots Tuesday evening.

“Do we know we can opinion and go, we don’t have to wait around?” Trump proffer Walter Seip, 74, a late army colonel, told rally-goers as they lined adult for a Trump eventuality final night during a Las Vegas hotel and casino.

“Name of a diversion is we expostulate people in there to opinion for Trump,” he explained.

Trump’s son, Eric, stressed a same summary in a Twitter post that was re-tweeted by his father Tuesday morning: “Nevada remember we can “Vote and Go” – travel in opinion and travel out!” he wrote.

Trump has done no tip of his negligence for a congress complement given entrance in second in Iowa. He’s argued that normal primaries offer a some-more accurate sign of a candidate’s support.


12:40 p.m.

Nevada’s successful Mormons aren’t being taken for postulated in a state’s Republican presidential caucuses Tuesday.

Members of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints usually critique for 4 to 5 percent of a race in Nevada, where a initial white settlers were Mormon and a faith’s citadel sits opposite a state line in Utah.

But they are politically involved, good to spin out and perched during a top levels of Nevada’s domestic structure. They done adult about a entertain of a citizens in a 2012 GOP caucuses won by Mitt Romney, a Mormon, according to voter surveys.

Many successful Mormons have flocked to Marco Rubio, a Floridian who was partial of a church for a few childhood years when he lived in Las Vegas. Rubio now is a practicing Catholic and still has kin in a state.

Ted Cruz, too, played for Mormon support, quite to a subset of conservatives many endangered that changes on a Supreme Court could erase eremite liberties.


12:15 p.m.

The former discuss orator for Ted Cruz says he is going to keep ancillary a Texas senator as a voter, though he no longer works on a discuss in any capacity.

Rick Tyler was asked to renounce on Monday by Cruz after he tweeted a story that secretly indicted White House carefree Marco Rubio of scornful a Bible.

Tyler reliable to The Associated Press on Tuesday in a array of content messages that he did indeed renounce when asked by Cruz. He says, “I am no longer on a Cruz campaign.”

Tyler declined to critique on a incident, though did contend he would continue to support Cruz “as a voter.”

Cruz was forced to drive divided from his discuss summary on Monday, a day before a Nevada caucuses, addressing a Tyler conditions and observant he had no choice though to find his resignation.

Donald Trump indicted Cruz of being disloyal.

Trump wrote on Twitter, “He used him as a scape goat-fired like a dog! Ted panicked.”


12:00 p.m.

Democratic presidential claimant Hillary Clinton took her pointy critique of Wisconsin automobile tools builder Johnson Controls Inc. from a discuss debate theatre to a airwaves.

The Clinton discuss began airing a new radio mark in a Duluth, Minnesota marketplace Tuesday that slams a suburban Milwaukee manufacturer, claiming Johnson Controls benefited from automobile attention bailout years ago when a automobile attention was inconstant and is now relocating a domicile to Ireland as partial of a partnership with Tyco International — a pierce she says “shirks” a taxation guilt in a U.S.

The automotive zone of Johnson Controls, one of Wisconsin’s largest companies, had $20 billion in sales final year.


11:40 a.m.

As Republicans in Nevada ready to congress for their picks for a GOP presidential nominee, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is revelation lawmakers in Georgia a strength of a United States rests in a people, not in a government.

He’s vocalization before both a Georgia House of Representatives and Senate Tuesday forward of a state’s primary on Super Tuesday.

Kasich tells lawmakers that “you’re Americans before you’re Republicans and Democrats,” adding that “We can fight, we can argue, though it should never be personal since a people of a state, a village and a nation count on us.”

Kasich’s entrance during a Georgia State Capitol is a initial of 3 scheduled in a Atlanta area. He also skeleton to reason city halls during Kennesaw State University and Sandy Springs City Hall.


11:15 a.m.

Republican presidential carefree Marco Rubio is criticizing President Barack Obama’s bid to tighten a apprehension trickery in Guantanamo Bay.

Rubio says electorate have a right to be undone and points to Obama’s pierce as one reason why. “This creates no clarity to me,” he told a morning convene in Las Vegas Tuesday, with hours to go before a Nevada caucuses get underneath way.

Rubio says Obama might lapse a land to Cuba. “We’re not giving behind an critical naval bottom to an anti-American comrade dictatorship,” Rubio says.

He adds that a Guantanamo prisoners don’t go on U.S. soil. “These are literally rivalry combatants.” Rubio promises that he will boat terrorists to Guantanamo when he’s president.


10:45 a.m.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is toughening his position on either a some-more than 11 million immigrants vital in a nation illegally should be found and deported.

Cruz pronounced in a Fox News talk late Monday that anyone vital in a U.S. illegally should be sought out and deported. That outlines a change for Cruz who pronounced final month while campaigning in Iowa that he against dispatching a special force to expatriate undocumented immigrants. Instead, Cruz pronounced afterwards they would be held by existent law coercion agencies.

Cruz told CNN in January, “I don’t intend to send jackboots to hit on we doorway and each doorway in America. That’s not how we make a law for any crime.”

But in Monday’s talk on Fox, Cruz was asked either he would send sovereign law coercion officers to a home of an newcomer famous to be vital in a nation illegally.

Cruz says, “You’d improved trust it.” But he says there is no ability to do that now since a U.S. doesn’t have a biometric exit-entry complement to know when someone has overstayed their work visa.


10:00 a.m.

Filmmaker Spike Lee is endorsing Bernie Sanders for boss in a South Carolina radio ad.

Arguing, in Sanders’ words, that a “system is rigged,” Lee praises Sanders for not holding income from companies in a ad. And in a anxiety to one of his early films, Lee says that once in a White House, Sanders will “do a right thing.”

Lee also records that a Vermont senator participated in a impetus on Washington and protested separation in Chicago open schools.

A writer, executive and actor, Lee’s films embody “Do a Right Thing,” and “Malcom X.” His many new film “Chi-Raq” is about gun assault in Chicago.

Lee permitted President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.


9:30 a.m.

The sole outward organisation creation a strong bid to stop Donald Trump from apropos a Republican presidential carefree is present a memo in hopes of concealment new large donations – or enlivening a 4 remaining GOP possibilities to take on Trump some-more directly.

Our Principles, a super domestic movement cabinet that spent $3.5 million on commercials and other voter overdo in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, on Monday put out a memo patrician “Defeating Donald Trump and his Conservatism of Convenience.”

Katie Packer, a Republican strategist heading a organisation wrote which, in a memo, pronounced Tuesday that Our Principles is determining over either to conflict Trump by a dear inhabitant media devise or to aim him in pivotal Mar 1 states.

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