The ‘How we Met Your Mother’ Ending We All Wanted Is Finally Here

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When “How we Met Your Mother” bent out this past March, many fans of a uncover could hardly enclose their outrage. It was not a culmination that people were looking for, and it wasn’t unequivocally a greeting that a creators of a uncover were looking for either. After a backlash, a show’s creator Carter Bays tweeted as much:

Yeah, those don’t seem like a difference of someone who is gratified with a fan reaction. It’s got to be tough to put that most work into something and see everybody hatred it, right? Maybe that’s because he also wanted to let people know that there was still hope.

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The guarantee of an alternate, happier culmination for a uncover also began to disseminate after this set of tweets:

And it looks like this chronicle is now online.

Well, now a other culmination is here. It facilities a mini-recap of a whole show, a small bit of bravery and, well… I’ll let we bask in a intrigue yourself:


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