The ‘cold calling’ pope

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Editor’s note: Heidi Schlumpf is a columnist for a National Catholic Reporter and teaches communication during Aurora University. The opinions voiced in this explanation are usually those of a author

(CNN) — What has a renouned Pope Francis finished now?

A lady in Argentina says a pope called her Monday and told her she could accept Communion, notwithstanding being married to a divorced man, reports say. According to a lady and her husband, a pope allegedly said, “There are some priests who are some-more papist than a pope” — referring to a bishopric clergyman who refused to give Communion to a woman.

The Vatican primarily refused to comment, though CNN perceived confirmation of a phone call from a Vatican press bureau orator on Wednesday. On Thursday, a Vatican expelled a matter responding to a media courtesy observant a calm of a pope’s personal phone calls “cannot be arguable as reliable, and is a source of disagreement and confusion.”

Heidi Schlumpf

The defensiveness of a pope’s PR handlers hints of a cleanup. It’s loyal that Pope Francis has warranted a nickname the “cold-calling pope” for his use of picking adult a phone and job bland folks (although there has been during slightest one hoax about a pope phone call).

The story did, however, start with a Facebook post and went from Argentina to Italy to England before being picked adult by U.S. news agencies. That’s copiousness of event for misinterpretation.

If a pope were to warn a Catholic in this way, it would be significant. The Catholic Church officially teaches that matrimony is for life and that couples who divorce are still married in a eyes of a church unless they accept an nullification — a routine that literally nullifies a initial marriage. (Reports do not prove either a man’s initial matrimony was annulled, though it’s doubtful given a integrate contend they were married civilly.) The church’s position is formed on Jesus’ teachings in a Bible equating matrimony after divorce with adultery.

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Conservative Catholics, many of whom have been reduction than anxious with a new pope during a initial year of his papacy, are not happy with a latest news. One Catholic blogger insists a story contingency not be true. Of course, as a deputy of a magisterium (or training authority) of a church, a pope is approaching to toe a celebration line on church training — generally in public. And he should have a media savvy to know that private conversations mostly go viral.

On a other hand, some-more magnanimous Catholics are hopeful, given conjecture that rural practices toward divorced and remarried Catholics might change after a worldwide assembly of bishops in October.

German bishops, generally Cardinal Walter Kasper, have prolonged lobbied for relaxing a manners that bar Catholics in supposed “irregular” marriages from a sacraments. In a United States, a order — much like a one opposite synthetic birth control — is customarily abandoned by many Catholics.

Despite all a brouhaha, this phone review was indeed a private one, between “Father Bergoglio”– as a pope allegedly identified himself — and a woman. He also wouldn’t be a initial Catholic clergyman to secretly tell a divorced chairman to go forward and accept Communion. Even if he is a pope, such a private review does not automatically change centuries of church teaching, as a many new Vatican matter points out.

Yet it’s loyal that a pope has also publicly called for some-more rural attraction and inclusiveness not usually toward a divorced and remarried, though also toward happy and lesbian Catholics, singular relatives and others. There’s a reason his new book is called “The Church of Mercy.”

It’s too early to tell if this is a pope’s approach of reporting his position on a probable change in rural use or even church teaching. Still, it could be a lot some-more poignant than his some-more mystic gestures, such as eschewing red boots and vouchsafing kids float in a popemobile.

Since it’s a Easter season, I’ll sojourn hopeful.

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