The Cities With The Most Computer Science Jobs

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The Cities With The Most Computer Science Jobs 2014

One of a brightest spots in a practice pattern for a final few years has been a tech pursuit zone and a opinion stays utterly sunny. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics, a series of jobs for what it calls “computer and information investigate scientists” will boost by 15% between 2012 and 2022. For program developers, a foresee is even better, with a projected expansion rate of 22%. (Compare that to my field: Job opportunities for a difficulty it calls “reporters, correspondents and promote news analysts” are approaching to cringe by 13% in that period.)

If a pursuit opinion is clever for mechanism scientists nationwide, where are a hottest markets? we checked in with Indeed, a Google-like pursuit inventory aggregator, to get a latest information about that cities have a biggest series of postings for mechanism scholarship jobs and how those positions are paying. Salaries are good: $103,000 is a normal compensate for Senior Software Engineers, according to Indeed, one of a tip 5 pursuit titles listed, with 1,200 postings nationwide. Other pursuit titles with a biggest series of listings: Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Developer/Data Modeler, Software Development Engineer.

When Indeed collected a data, it counted jobs that were listed directly by employers as opposite to those listed by staffing firms, to safeguard opposite duplicates.

I asked Indeed to break numbers and come adult with a 10 cities that have a many pursuit listings for mechanism scientists. I’ve listed them all in a slideshow above, with a series of pursuit listings, some-more than 1,000 in any city. As they were when we wrote this story a year ago, mechanism jobs are clustered around New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and Austin, Texas, and a Washington, DC area. Off a list: Boston and Atlanta. Instead there are 3 new cities not distant from DC that are abundant with supervision jobs and/or supervision contractors—Alexandria and Herndon, VA, and Annapolis Junction, MD.

The tip city this year is, in fact, Washington, DC, adult from fifth place final year (it was No. 1 dual years ago), with a towering 5,900 listings on Indeed. A standard job: Software Engineer in a DC bureau of $45 billion (sales) Bethesda, MD-based aerospace and invulnerability executive Lockheed Martin. The post looks challenging: a employer wants during slightest 5 years of knowledge in an alphabet soup of mechanism languages, including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, and Web Services. The successful claimant contingency also be destined and self-disciplined. “Without minute direction, plan, prepare, and finish a pattern of reserved formidable components and organic systems,” reads a description. There is no income posted though income inventory site Glassdoor pegs a program engineer’s income during Lockheed Martin in DC with 4-6 years of experience, counting bonus, during $76,000. My clarity it that a series could go aloft than that, given a right fit and Indeed lists a infancy of program operative jobs in DC as profitable $80,000-plus.

The No. 2 city: Seattle, WA, home to Amazon and Microsoft, that are always in need of tech talent, and copiousness of other firms who need mechanism scientists. In fact it’s tough to consider of a association that doesn’t need during slightest a few program engineers these days. Hence a blast in jobs. Number of Seattle mechanism scholarship jobs listed: 4,300. A representation Seattle job: entry-level program operative during a “cloud infrastructure” startup called Igneous. This posting says a applicant should know during slightest one mechanism language: Java, C#, C++, Python, Ruby or Go, and, charmingly, asks that a applicant  want to builds systems that solve “meaningful, genuine universe problems” associated to information structure, and that they know that a cloud is “not a sorcery bullet.” Again, no remuneration is listed though income site Payscale lists normal entry-level salaries in Seattle during $82,000. At a startup I’d suppose a series would be reduce though still a healthy sum.

In third place: New York, that was No. 1 final year, due, during slightest in part, to a blast of tech startups. This year there are 3,200 listings, including Data Scientist during a Gemological Institute of America. The GIA wants 3 to 5 years of knowledge and it wants someone who can pattern algorithms to arrange data. This pursuit doesn’t need as worldly mechanism programming skills as a jobs listed above, though rather only some knowledge regulating mechanism analytics software. Again there is no income listed though Glassdoor lists a Database Administrator income of $80,000 and I’d design a information scientist’s remuneration to be higher.

As we have created many times, Indeed is a good place to start a pursuit search, though it’s essential to go over a listings if we wish to land a job. Plug a association name into LinkedIn to learn what connectors we have inside a company. Reach out to those people and ask if they know either a pursuit is still open and competence they be means to accommodate and have a vehement contention about a association culture. It’s even improved if they can assistance we get in front of a employing manager. Tap a network of family and friends we see frequently and tell them you’re meddlesome in a sold company.

When we do send in your résumé, hopefully with a cover minute that mentions someone a target knows, make certain it includes keywords from a pursuit description. For example, if we were requesting for that program operative pursuit during Lockheed Martin we would discuss that we know C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, and Web Services. Your minute should also privately residence a mandate listed in a pursuit description.

There is no doubt that there are copiousness of mechanism scholarship jobs watchful to be filled. Companies need to sinecure and they are peaceful to compensate for good people.

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