‘The Boy Next Door’ is a lousy neighbor

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Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, “The Boy Next Door,” is cheesier than a Chicago double commanding low plate pizza. From a profoundly absurd suspicion that anyone married to a lady who looks like Lopez would lie on her to a teenage Lothario who looks comparison than Lopez, this film is a perfection of a cluster of stupid ideas.

In a tract taken from half of a Lifetime or Hallmark wire channel movies, high propagandize English clergyman and part-time voyeur, Claire Peterson (Lopez), is traffic with a tentative divorce. Noah (Ryan Guzman), a hunky 19-year-old who moves in subsequent door, wants to give her some-more than a shoulder on that to cry.

One night of passion escalates into full blown stalking where Noah goes from swain to sadist. All Claire knows how to do is lay around in skirts cut adult to her thigh, splash booze and consternation what ever hexed her to nap with a immature male who she knew was about to turn her student.

While she ponders that, a assembly can consider about all of a tract points that could have sidetracked this film in a mercifully progressing time frame.

There’s a dignified emanate to what Claire does though technically it’s not illegal. This all could finish with one confession.

It didn’t assistance that this story about a one-night mount going bad has been such a renouned grounds for wire movies. There have been so many variations on a thesis that there’s zero new to say. And “The Boy Next Door” is totally blank of anything original.

Director Rob Cohen does small to assistance a inane book with camera work that wobbles from handheld to stagnant. Most of time a visuals are tedious and stale.

Near a end, Barbara Curry’s book turns into a cheesy fear film presented with inexpensive special effects and absurd movement moments. (Note to all stalkers: If we are in a stable where a automobile engine is unresolved above we for no reason, get out.)

Lopez and Guzman don’t have a smallest spirit of chemistry or denote any behaving ability. Their adore stage is automatic and a usually time Lopez looks frightened is when she contingency have satisfied how most this film could harm her career.

In fact, it would have helped if someone other than Lopez had been cast. This purpose indispensable to be played by someone reduction attractive. That would have done her disadvantage some-more realistic. And, it competence have helped if Noah had been played by someone who didn’t demeanour like he was aged adequate to have a child in high school.

On second thought, zero would assistance this movie. It is a ideal charge of a worn-out idea, shot with a miss of newness and played out by wooden actors. “The Boy Next Door” couldn’t be any worse if they tried.

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