The Best And Worst Cities For Jobs This Fall

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The Best And Worst Cities For Jobs This FAll

The meridian for pursuit seekers continues a delayed trek towards improvement, with some markets display sold confidence about a finish of 2014 and U.S. employers stating a strongest practice opinion given a initial entertain of 2008, according to ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey, expelled today.

“During 2014, we have seen incremental expansion opposite industries and regions as employers reconstruct their inner teams and exercise new operations strategies,” pronounced CEO Jonas Prising in a statement.

In measuring practice outlook, recruiting and consulting firm ManpowerGroup surveyed upwards of 18,000 U.S. employers. Nineteeen percent of those surveyed design augmenting staff during entertain four, down somewhat from 22% final quarter. Seven percent of employers are awaiting a rebate in staff during a same time period.

Despite a slight drop in percentages, employers in several regions are stating a strongest practice outlooks in some-more than half a decade, with Midwestern employers awaiting a strongest employing entertain given a finish of 2007 and employers in a South and West awaiting a best 3 month duration given a commencement of 2008.


Dallas-based employers have a many confident opinion for a remaining months of 2014.

Those looking to obstacle a pursuit in a fourth entertain will wish to set their sights on a South and Southwest.  Topping a list of cities with a best outlooks for a tumble is Dallas, Texas. Thirty percent of companies surveyed devise to supplement staff between Oct and Dec of this year, and only 3% design reductions in staff.

This gives a Dallas-Forth Worth-Arlington, Texas, marketplace a net practice outlook–calculated by subtracting a commission of employers awaiting a diminution in staff from a employers awaiting an increase–of 27%, adult from 8% during this time final year.

“Texas in ubiquitous has proven itself to be an employer accessible state, that positively helps attract businesses from other tools of a country,” said ManpowerGroup Regional Director Steven Clay. “Dallas-Fort Worth is central, and it’s a good place for domicile as good as placement centers, and companies are looking during Texas not only since it’s centrally-located, though since it’s a corporate-friendly environment.”

The Dallas industries awaiting a strongest entertain are construction, manufacturing, travel and utilities, and indiscriminate and retail.

Following Dallas on this Lonestar State-heavy list are Houston and McAllen, Texas, along with Phoenix, Arizona; and San Jose, California.


Akron, Ohio, has a weakest employing opinion for a fourth entertain of 2014.

Prospects demeanour reduction earnest for pursuit seekers in Akron, Ohio; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a 3 markets where employers are awaiting a weakest fourth entertain hiring. Spokane, Washington; Providence, Rhode Island; Hartford, Connecticut; and Albany, New York tie for fourth.

Nationally, employers employing for jobs in convenience and hospitality, mining, and indiscriminate and sell design adding a many staff, while preparation and health services and supervision design a fewest new hires.

At a state level, employing opportunities are distributed over a somewhat broader cut of a map. North Dakota, Arizona, Mississippi, Texas, and Wisconsin news a strongest outlooks and Alaska, Maine, New Jersey, and Arkansas news a fewest expected opportunities.

“The miss of any poignant peaks or valleys in a consult formula reflects a delayed and solid stand that continues to conclude a practice landscape, and an fast confidence that will lift us into 2015,” pronounced Prising.

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