The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Ted Cruz to Kiss a Ring

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Post-Traumatic Trump Disorder: After waking adult in “clammy, vibrated horror” over a presidential election, Slate columnist Michelle Goldberg ventured to find others pang from “Trump-related distress,” and spoke with them about their anxiety, nightmares, and other symptoms.

Hill Does a 180: Last year, Clinton blamed Republicans for a arise of Donald Trump, observant that Trump’s “hateful comments” were zero new in a party. But now, her plan is just a opposite: She’s doing her best to contrariety Trump’s values with those of a GOP. (Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed)

What About Trump’s Other Job?: Donald Trump’s picture as a businessman and noble has been significantly altered by his argumentative presidential bid. How will his countless businesses fair, quite those in hospitality, if he loses a election in November? (Shannon Pettypiece, Bloomberg)

Come Hell, High Water, or Both: As impassioned weather—from wildfires in California to record-breaking flooding in Louisiana—continues to hold a nation this year, meridian scientists advise that a effects of tellurian warming are already underway. (Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone)


Tick-Tock: Is it too late to register to opinion in your state? Find out when—and how—you can register regulating this handy, state-by-state list. (Jonah Engel Bromwich, The New York Times)

Question of a Week

Jeb Bush, one of a Republican presidential possibilities this year, done a cameo as a limo driver during a Emmy Awards final Sunday night. Rick Perry, who also quickly ran for a White House, is now a competitor on Dancing With a Stars. This week, we asked readers where they design to see a former 2016 presidential contenders on television, and we got some good answers.

Reader Jeremy Glenn predicts Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Gary Johnson will finish adult on “the subsequent installment of Survivor.”

But a personal favorite comes from reader Joanne Allard, who expects Ben Carson to uncover adult in an ad for a opiate Ambien, nonetheless “through a list of probable side effects, he’ll have changed on to an ad for luggage.”

And finally, even yet U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan never ran for president, Allard would not be astounded if a Crossfit left-wing ended adult behaving promotional videos “for impassioned aptness programs that atmosphere during 2 a.m.”

Head on over to a Notes territory for some-more good responses, and stay tuned for subsequent week’s Politics Policy Daily.

-Written by Elaine Godfrey (@elainejgodfrey) and Candice Norwood (@cjnorwoodwrites)

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