The 2016 Lexus RX 350 F Sport has had too most cosmetic surgery

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I don’t know utterly where to start with this new SUV from Lexus, so let’s customarily dive in.

(Brace yourself. This won’t be pretty.)

The 2016 Lexus RX F Sport is a “high performance” chronicle of a fourth-generation RX crossover that Lexus introduced scarcely dual decades ago-the oppulance crossover that started it all. Since a debut, a RX has turn a ur-chariot for matrons of those suburban tribes that order from Chicago to St. Louis. It frequently enjoys annual sales of some-more than 100,000 units in a U.S., that is roughly unparalleled. (BMW’s 3-Series, a Ford F-150 pickup, and a few other flagship models are a customarily ones that can explain identical numbers.) By 2015 it had sole some-more than 2 million units worldwide. It has perceived churned value and compensation awards from Kelley Blue Book and J.D. Power and Associates, among others.

But this new version, while an alleviation over prior years, falls distant brief in probably each difficulty vs. competitors from Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and generally Volvo’s glorious XC90. Yes, it has a few inches some-more interior room, a bit some-more power, and a lot some-more styling. (I’ll get to that in a second.) Yet those gains destroy to yield a quick handling, discerning technology, and superb pattern we design from a crossover labeled “luxury” — one that, including options, costs scarcely $60,000.

Classic Case of Over-Styling

Let’s start with styling. While a strange RX models were simple to a prove of tedious — so tasteless so as to be harmless to anyone on any level, like a jellybean — Lexus has evidently motionless that an “aggressive luxury” (their words) contingency be a new norm, and a approach to grasp this is by plastering some “razor” edges and “sharp” character elements around a exterior.

To wit: a RX F comes with special “sport” badging, Lexus “signature” inserts around a grille, a cliffs-edge front bumper, uncanny bony cosmetic covers over a tail lights, and a griddle blown so out of suit that it overpowers a rest of a car, perfectionist your courtesy like a mole perched during a tip of someone’s nose. You try to omit it, yet it ends adult being a customarily thing we can see.

Lexus unveils high-powered LC 500 sports coupe

“It looks like a unequivocally bad span of Oakleys,” a co-worker announced after we gathering him home one night. Another compared it to something that rolled out of Tron. This is a classical box of over-styling: a lot of visible sound that masks an differently workable car.

In fact, as any Kardashian knows, cosmetic enhancements customarily don’t prove anything about what is function underneath a skin, er, hood. They emanate a daze or a diversion, during best. The fact is proven by how this space intruder feels when we expostulate it.

The RX F Sport is kind of quick for a automobile this size, achieving 60 miles per hour in a fragment reduction than 8 seconds. But a 295-horsepower engine is distant slower than, say, that of a Audi Q5, that costs less, gets a same gas mileage, and has improved handling. (Elsewhere, a entry-level Cayenne is a hair some-more costly yet again, most some-more absolute and quicker off a feet-not to discuss improved looking, and that’s observant a lot.)

The major expostulate sense of a RX, though, comes not from how it does on a straightaways yet from all else: how it feels around corners, threading by traffic, avoiding potholes. It’s not good. Even with a new, eight-speed involuntary delivery and a additional fortitude and float control systems that rouse a cost of a AWD RX F Sport, it wobbled like a tip of a Jello bundt when we gathering it.

Is Lexus carrying a midlife crisis?

Is Lexus carrying a midlife crisis?

As Lexus turns 25 for a 2015 indication year, a before composed oppulance code is behaving like a 20-something who is vital life to a fullest and will worry about a consequences later.

When a code launched for 1990, a cars had understated styling and Lexus touted a peculiarity and value of its…

As Lexus turns 25 for a 2015 indication year, a before composed oppulance code is behaving like a 20-something who is vital life to a fullest and will worry about a consequences later.

When a code launched for 1990, a cars had understated styling and Lexus touted a peculiarity and value of its…

(Rick Popely)

I have a feeling that if half a moms who expostulate this automobile also tested a new BMW X5or that Cayenne, they’d never demeanour back.

Here are some good things: The brakes achieved well. There’s lots of prominence by a newly thinner A- and C-pillars. The pile-up deterrence controls (pre-collision with walking detection, energetic radar journey control, line keep support and depart alert, steering support and intelligent high-beams) functioned though reaching a turn of intrusiveness other cars mostly reach. And Lexus safely retains a same 3.5-liter V6 engine and hybrid variants of a prior generations; stay with what works, a meditative goes.

This automobile has sole good for a reason — millions of moms can’t be wrong, right? I’m not going to contend it’s bad to drive, per se. But we will contend that this version, during least, is defective to a competitors.

Inside, a automobile is a fun residence of contradictions. The special bolstered F Sport seats, with their peculiarity leather trim and heating/ventilating capabilities, felt poetic to my prolonged back. The $1,600 breathtaking sunroof extended a inexhaustible feeling of space in a behind chair and storage areas, even yet a costly power-folding choice seemed a small extravagant.

But a record system, run on a footlong shade set what seems like miles behind in a dash, distant divided from any tie to anyone inside a vehicle, is a misfortune I’ve encountered. Its categorical problem is a uncanny rectilinear joystick that is ostensible to control it from a core of a core console; a controller was somehow concurrently close in a motions and overly supportive to any arrange of input. It was so bad we tweeted my disappointment with a complement while pulled over on Third Avenue. The subsequent day, a association deputy emailed me about my complaint, charity to send a deputy to “resolve a issues.” (By that she meant: sight me to use a radio.)

Call me old-fashioned, yet unless I’m in a rocket boat (or maybe an i8), we don’t consider an central training event should be compulsory to listen to something other than Hansen. (In Lexus’s defense, a doorknob to a distant right of a lurch can control some settings on a radio, yet it is positioned during such a stretch from a steering circle and a highway brazen that we was retiring to confuse myself amply to use it.)

I would also kindly scrutinise about a (optional) heads-up arrangement with that Lexus has graced us. It has a spitting picture of an Infiniti trademark indicating a principal points as we drive. It seems peculiar to put anything even remotely imitative a picture of a aspirant in your vehicle. Talk about churned messages.

Still with me? If we pierce brazen with a purchase, opt for a $1,085 Premium Package (leather trim, rain-sensing wipers, defrosting mirrors) and a $1,615 flattering triple lamp headlamps. The comforting ambient lighting, roof rails, automobile dimming mirrors, and UV-resistant potion all come standard. It’s a good touch.

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