Tesla buyers who put $40000 down for a Model X are still waiting, 3 years …

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WASHINGTON — When Jay Arbetter put down $40,000 in 2013 to haven Tesla’s newest electric showpiece, a Model X, a Dallas financial confidant was told he’d be pushing his roomy, battery-powered SUV by a tumble of 2014.

Instead, Arbetter is one of a many Tesla pre-buyers left in a dim about when he’ll get a pivotal — and increasingly undone by a distinguished automaker’s patron service, that he calls ‘‘the misfortune I’ve ever perceived of any company.’’


Since blank a initial shipping date in 2013, a Model X has been raid by steady delays, lifting tensions among Tesla fans who paid adult early.

Tesla’s billionaire chief, Elon Musk, has called a Model X ‘‘the hardest automobile to build in a world.’’ It facilities space-age necromancy Tesla has turn famous for: ‘‘falcon wing’’ doors that open adult instead of out, lightning-fast acceleration, and an air-filtering ‘‘bioweapon defense’’ mode that Musk pronounced could infer useful ‘‘if there’s ever an baleful unfolding of some kind.’’

But removing all that highway sorcery prepared for a masses has proven to be a challenge. Since a central launch in September, Tesla has delivered usually 208 Model Xs to profitable business — a fragment of a some-more than 20,000 reservations logged worldwide by September, according to an unaccepted total from a Tesla fan group.

Tesla batch fell about 7 percent on Monday, a biggest one-day decrease given August, after a association pronounced it delivered 17,400 cars—mostly a Model S—in a final 3 months of 2015, during a low finish of a progressing forecasts.

‘‘Model X deliveries are in line with a really early stages of a Model X prolongation ramp as we prioritize peculiarity above all else,’’ a association pronounced in a matter Sunday. Production of a Model X sped adult by a finish of a year to about 238 SUVs a week, compared to usually about 5 a week during a Sep launch, a association said.


The Model X shares an public line with a Model S during Tesla’s plant in Fremont, Calif., though some slowdowns started outward a factory. In November, Tesla pronounced it had stopped outsourcing prolongation of a tradition Model X seats after problems with a supplier, and would build them in-house.

The delays have bolstered critique that Tesla, one of America’s youngest automakers, is not prepared for mass-market production.

But a association has copiousness of reasons to make certain cars are rolling off a line not only quickly, though safely. Consumer Reports, that had once given tip honors to a Model S, pulled a recommendation from a sedan final year after drivers reported a array of startling defects. Tesla was praised for a patron use and responsiveness in doing those flaws, and 97 percent of surveyed owners told a ratings hulk they would buy a Model S again.

To hoop high direct for a X, Tesla has attempted out an unusual sales tactic: Pushing business away. In 2014, Musk told analysts, ‘‘If somebody comes in who wants to buy a X, we try to remonstrate them to buy a S. So we anti-sell it.’’

The company, that declined to pronounce privately about Arbetter’s case, began charity a identical turn of updates for business after a initial Signature deliveries began final month. And on forums like a Tesla Motors Club, drivers who contend they are canceling their reservation are assimilated by only as many who contend they are happy to wait.

Visitors to a Model X website are told new reservations have an estimated smoothness in ‘‘the latter half of 2016.’’

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