Team USA stomps Argentina 111-74 in exhibition: Five takeaways

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The highway to Rio de Janeiro for a 2016 Summer Olympics began for USA Basketball in Las Vegas Friday night when they hosted a Argentina National Team for a accessible warm-up exhibition. As expected, things went Team USA’s approach in a 111-74 feat that was never unequivocally all that close.

With a highway to a bullion award in basketball still going by Team USA, a guys in red, white, and blue once again have to set a customary to remind a rest of a universe where your group has to get to for spin of value on a justice in sequence to contest for anything other than silver. Here are a takeaways and a initial impressions of a 2016 roster’s initial movement this summer.

Nobody in a universe wants to miscarry with DeMarcus Cousins

Marc Gasol competence have been a world’s usually wish opposite DeMarcus Cousins. He’s one of a few large group in a diversion of basketball who can mount subsequent to Cousins and not be totally dwarfed. And Gasol is such a good defensive actor that he can do his pursuit on that finish of a building and still put a large physique on Cousins to conflict for a rebound. Gasol isn’t a good rebounder, yet he’s large adequate to tango with Cousins in a paint. However, Gasol isn’t going to play in a Olympic games. Quite a few unequivocally gifted large group will skip a games in Rio.

That is bad news for a rest of a universe when Cousins is on a floor. He showed Argentina large group like Luis Scola, Marcos Delia, and Roberto Acuna only how fatuous it is to try to keep him off a descent boards. Seven of Cousins’ 15 rebounds in only 16 mins came on a descent finish of a floor. He had dual some-more descent play than a whole Argentina team. It helped a USA emanate a 26-6 advantage on second possibility points.

And that’s only how it’s going to be for a lot of frontcourts. Cousins is going to wear them out. DeAndre Jordan is going to be easier to understanding with when it comes to resilient and he’s going to wear them out too. Watching Cousins conflict for descent play opposite Argentina was like examination Dwayne ‘The Rock ‘ Johnson file bags of potatoes in a walk-in pantry. He’s only too large for a rest of a world.

Good fitness with that, rest of a world.
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Even yet all of a strenuous athletes, USA still army a ton of turnovers

In a past, USA Basketball would have guys like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook out there to totally overcome a antithesis with this visitor athleticism. They don’t have utterly that same spin of stupidity when it comes to pristine speed and distance with a 2016 register as they have in a past. That’s not gripping this group from wreaking massacre in a flitting lanes and in pressuring a ball. With “just” Paul George, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and Harrison Barnes (among a few others) hawking a round and stalking flitting lanes, they were still means to force 23 turnovers in 40 mins of action.

Those 23 turnovers were incited into 36 points — treating a lot of defensive security as transition drills you’d run in practice. George had breakaway dunks. Cousins was even ripping a round from a round handler and starting a break. Durant was badgering initiators for Argentina’s offense and creation them compensate for a littlest mistake or relapse in concentration.

Team USA might not win a lot of lane meets like they have in a past yet it doesn’t meant they won’t spin all of these mistakes into easy opportunities a other way. Forcing a 17-23 assist-to-turnover allotment is flattering good.

Kevin Durant is still unguardable

Oh by a way, Kevin Durant is still someone a rest of a universe struggles to defend. Almost everybody in a NBA struggles to urge a man with a third top scoring normal in NBA history, so it creates clarity that wings for Argentina or any nation wouldn’t know what to do opposite him. Durant went 7-of-12 from a margin and 4-of-9 from a shorter 3-point line. But he didn’t let that additional feet or so of space behind a 3-point line be a cause for him. It seemed like he kept sharpened it from deeper and deeper each time.

He bending adult with Draymond Green on several buckets to finish with 23 points overall. He also had 4 rebounds, 3 assists, a steal, and dual blocks all in only underneath 21 minutes. A large widen of his scoring came in a second half after Argentina had cut a lead a bit to presumably arise Team USA up. It awoke a Slim Reaper and he done certain to put everybody to bed good before a final buzzer.

Let’s be fair: This Argentina group is still really good

Even yet they got smacked around by USA Basketball, we got several reminders that this Argentina National Team is still really good. Are they good adequate to dissapoint a U.S. in a Olympics? Probably not. However, they still have Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola, Andres Nocioni, Facundo Campazzo, and Carlos Delfino. That’s adequate firepower to make any other nation in a universe flattering shaken opposite them.

Manu even has a totally new demeanour on a building with a shaved head.

What are a contingency Tim Duncan told Manu he’d equivocate retirement for one some-more year if Ginobili shaved his head? And afterwards after removing acknowledgment that Manu was bald, Timmy announced his retirement? That seems like a form of fun Duncan would have with his friend.

To start a second half, Argentina used their talent and knowledge to go on a small run. They even cut a necessity to 18 points during one time in a third entertain before a U.S. pushed it behind over 30. Ginobili finished with 11 points in 14 minutes. Scola had 10 points and while he didn’t fire good (3-of-10), he was 2-of-5 from that shorter general 3-point line. Nocioni led his group in points (15) and rebounds (7).

It’s good to see Paul George behind out there for USA Basketball

Two years ago in Las Vegas, Paul George pennyless his leg in a hideous occurrence opposite a basketball stanchion in a patrol struggle for fans. He missed all yet a handful of games in a 2014-15 deteriorate before returning to his All-Star form in a 2015-16 season. Even shortly after violation his leg, Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski committed to carrying George on a register in a destiny if he was peaceful to get behind out there.

Friday night was his initial movement for Team USA given a injury. He told a promote after a diversion that it was “eerie” to go behind onto a Vegas justice (even yet it was a opposite arena), yet he was happy to have a second possibility and a joining from Team USA.

“I was a small scary stepping onto this Vegas floor,” George told Jared Greenberg after a game. “But God bless, he gave me a second chance.”

It didn’t take prolonged for him to get behind into a stroke of personification good basketball. In 16 minutes, he scored 18 points on 7-of-11 sharpened — including a lot of buckets in transition as Argentina couldn’t keep adult with him. The support of a guys in a USA locker room helped him get focused for a diversion and to go out and get a win.

“Once we put that jersey behind on, a excitability went away,” George said. “It was a lot of emotions. Not going to lie. The guys in a locker room did a good pursuit of creation certain we was good before we came out on this floor.”

It’s good to have him behind out there winning for his country.

USA Basketball’s subsequent muster diversion will be Sunday in Los Angeles opposite a Chinese National Team.

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