Teacher Accidentally Shoots Self in Leg during School

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A Utah facile propagandize clergyman who was carrying a secluded firearm during propagandize incidentally shot herself in a leg when a arms liberated in a expertise lavatory shortly before classes started Thursday morning, officials said. Granite School District orator Ben Horsley pronounced a clergyman during Westbrook Elementary School, in a Salt Lake City suburb of Taylorsville, was exceedingly harmed when a bullet entered and exited her leg, and she was rushed to a hospital. She was in good condition and warning during a sanatorium by midmorning, Horsley said.

No other expertise or students witnessed a shooting, though they competence have listened a gunshot or seen a clergyman as she was taken out of a propagandize to a hospital, he said. Classes were stability as usual, and predicament counselors were available, Horsley said. Officials were still questioning how a gun discharged. “This only appears during this indicate in time to be an accident,” he said.

He wouldn’t recover sum about a lady or what she taught, though he remarkable she was carrying a arms legally with a secluded firearm permit. Utah is among a few states that concede people with secluded weapons permits to lift guns in open schools, according to a National Conference of State Legislatures. Teachers are not compulsory to divulge they’re carrying a weapon, and administrators are taboo from asking.


- The Associated Press

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