Taxpayer-funded jobs for de Blasio’s debate hacks

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Congratulations, city taxpayers: You’ve found nonetheless another crafty approach to minister to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2017 re-election debate — by employing hundreds of his operatives as “special assistants” on a City Hall payroll, thereby relieving them of a need to find genuine jobs in a domestic off-years.

Of course, we substantially didn’t comprehend you’d finished a mayor that preference until Bruce Golding and Rich Calder broke a story in Monday’s Post.

The 264 “special assistants” on a books for a final mercantile year accounted for 40 percent of a whole Mayor’s Office payroll and cost taxpayers $18.7 million.

No, not all were hacks being upheld between campaigns — though de Blasio spent most some-more than twice as most on “special assistants” as Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Yes, gazillionaire Bloomy had other places to park his politicos — though so does a stream mayor, with his immeasurable web of slot nonprofit outfits.

Of course, a taxpayers also helped compensate for those, if indirectly — given donations to them seemingly bought entrance (at least) to a mayor and his team.

Adding insult to injury, mayoral orator Eric Phillips — who earns $182,000 — fit a combined responsibility for special assistants as a cost-saving magnitude that cut down overtime, presumably saving taxpayers $105,000 while boosting a series of managers during City Hall.

As if anyone was indicating to this City Hall as a manuscript of good management.

Then, too, a classical place to accumulate hacks is as communications flacks during agencies and City Hall itself. But even de Blasio himself has certified his group is not doing a “good pursuit of explaining something.”

Indeed, a mayor stays intent in what former mouthpiece Karen Hinton termed a “daily conflict with a media.”

A mayor reduction focused on nonstop politics, and some-more attent to creation a city work, competence have suffered fewer government disasters like a Rivington Street fiasco.

With homelessness still rising, uninformed questions plaguing a Administration for Children’s Services and all a other daily hurdles of creation New York work, a mayor competence wish to sinecure some process heavyweights — and let a debate hacks deflect for themselves.

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