SurveyMonkey: Pokémon Go recognition might have already peaked

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Pokémon has positively taken over a mobile gaming stage given a recover on Jul 6. But if new information from SurveyMonkey is any indication, a game’s recognition might already be waning.

First, a good news for Nintendo and diversion developer Niantic: Pokémon Go is still a large hit, with somewhere in a area of 21 or 22 million daily active users in a United States on Jul 20, according to SurveyMonkey’s data. The bad news is that daily use is down from a rise daily use of over 25 million users, that Pokémon Go strike on Jul 14.


Pokémon Go’s daily use grew fast before leveling off, according to SurveyMonkey.

To put that into context, a United States has a race of around 324 million as of this writing, according to United States Census Bureau. If SurveyMonkey’s total are accurate, that means that during a peak, over 7 percent of a US race played Pokémon Go on a given day. As of a latest figures, Pokémon Go daily use sits in a 6 percent operation in propinquity to a altogether US population.

As for downloads, those seem to be tapering off as well. According to SurveyMonkey, Pokémon Go’s launch day was a biggest in terms of downloads in a US, with a second spike around Jul 10 and Jul 12. Since then, daily downloads have been in solid decline.

The story behind a story: Pokémon Go became an present prodigy from a impulse it was expelled early this month, with scores of players getting swept adult into a game and businesses trying to money in on a craze. According to SurveyMonkey’s progressing research, it became a many renouned mobile diversion ever in a US on Jul 12, when it had scarcely 21 million active daily users in a US. That edged out Candy Crush Saga during a peak, a news noted, creation Pokémon Go a many renouned mobile diversion ever in a United States. 

Just a flitting craze?

Blair Hanley Frank

Players convened in San Francisco for a Pokemon Go eventuality on Jul 20.

While a initial swell of seductiveness in Pokémon Go seems to be subsiding, it’s still too early to tell either a diversion is now in indomitable decline, or either it’ll say some grade of recognition going forward. There are some signs, though, that Pokémon Go might be with us a while, even as a initial disturb here in a US subsides.

”As we’ve seen from other games there’s still each possibility that a diversion attracts millions of users (and creates millions of dollars) for months, and even years to come,” SurveyMonkey settled in a blog post stating a data. “Plus, a diversion is not nonetheless accessible in all countries of a world, with some vital countries nonetheless to enter into a hype cycle.”

Case in point, Pokémon Go only launched in Japan on Friday with McDonalds as a sponsor, as IDG News Service’s John Ribeiro reports

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