Sultanpur national park

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Located in Gurgaon district, Sultanpur national park is a bird sanctuary. It is at a distance of 15 Kms from Gurgaon. This national park is situated in the state of Haryana.

Gurgaon has many malls and industries. It is a developed city with food chains and good restaurants in the malls. If you are planning a visit to this national park, you should not miss a visit to Gurgaon.

Some of the resident birds found in the park are painted stork, white-throated kingfisher, red-vented bulbul, black-necked stork, red-collared dove, Eurasian collared dove, bank mynah, rock pigeon, green bee-eater and common mynah.

In the summers and winters, migratory birds visit the park. Feeding themselves is the main objective of these birds. Some of the winter migratory birds which visit the park are ruff, Siberian crane, yellow wagtail, greater flamingo, rosy pelican, white wagtail, spotted sandpiper and wood sandpiper. A colourful array of migratory birds is offered during the summers. Some of them are comb duck, grey heron, blue-tailed bee-eater, cuckoo and blue-cheeked bee-eater.

Black bucks and blue bulls are also there in the forest, other than the bird population. Neem and berberis are the trees planted in the forest which are a favourite of the birds.

A popular picnic spot is the bird sanctuary. One can see the birds from the 4 watch towers. Education and interpretation centre, a library, films, and binoculars are the other facilities in the park. Bird lovers can see the birds more clearly and learn more about the birds, with the help of these. A room consisting of Dr. Salim Ali’s photographs, bust and articles on him is dedicated to him. Facilities for visitors include parking space, bathrooms and drinking water. There is also a guest house for visitors, if they want to stay overnight.

One should not miss this park as it has such good facilities and gorgeous surroundings.

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