Stolen Big Rig Pursuit Ends in Arrest

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The motorist of a stolen large supply was taken into control after heading California Highway Patrol officers on hourslong office on Riverside County freeways Tuesday.

The follow began about 10:30 a.m. in unincorporated Apple Valley, where a sheriff’s emissary speckled a stolen lorry and attempted to stop a driver.

With a line of CHP cruisers behind him, a motorist done his approach on a southbound 15 Freeway, eastward 60 Freeway, eastward 10 Freeway and eastward Highway 62, into a high desert.

CHP Officer Brian Alvarez pronounced spike strips would be an doubtful choice to stop a lorry due a size.

About 1:40 p.m., a motorist parked a lorry and surrendered. He was taken into control though incident. He was identified as 48-year-old James Edgely of Victorville.

A striking on a side of a lorry indicated a large supply belonged to Advanced Chemical Transport, a dangerous rubbish government firm.

The owners of firm, Walter Singer, pronounced a lorry had been stolen from a Barstow hotel parking lot someday before 6 a.m. The burglar infirm a GPS tracking device, though a association was means to find a truck’s plcae by a second tracking device and told authorities.

The lorry was hauling non-hazardous materials, including medical waste, to Nevada, Singer said.

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