Steve Ballmer bans Clippers’ use of Apple devices

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If you’re Steve Ballmer, when we bombard out $2 billion to buy a Clippers you’re substantially during autocracy to make some flattering specific demands.

Case in point, headlines currently news a franchise’s new owner, and ex-Microsoft CEO, will anathema all Apple inclination from group use. (Video via Bloomberg)

Extreme, though is anyone surprised?

Sports and tech media covering a story seem to determine Ballmer is a Microsoft patriot.  He assimilated a association in 1980 as a 30th worker and went on to spin CEO.  Today he retains even a incomparable share in a association than owner Bill Gates, during 3.99%. That’s value $15 billion. (Video via Youtube / Microsoft)

USA Today says with that form of success “you can’t censure Ballmer for carrying faithfulness to a association that he helped build and, in turn, done him a billionaire.”

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No one knows for certain how distant a owner’s Apple censoring will reach.  Reports prove all group iPads will be transposed with Surface tablets.  As for personal devices, it’s tough to tell.  That didn’t stop writers from poking a small fun during a Apple fans on a Clippers.

From SB Nation, “Blake Griffin will have to tumble in adore with his new Surface … it’ll be Lumias all around.”

Back to USA Today, “This is substantially good news for J.J. Redick, as a iPhone 6 substantially couldn’t have survived his spare jeans.”

And Deadspin’s rule: iOS stays out of a paint. “The predestine of a players’ personal iPhones is left unknown, though it’d be correct not to use them around Ballmer.”

You consider one Windows-only group sounds bad? Mashable points out Ballmer’s sweeping anathema doesn’t review to Microsoft’s strech on a gridiron.

“Microsoft struck a multiyear understanding with a NFL this season, one that supposing all teams with Surfaces during an estimated cost of $400 million.”

And in a end, The Verge says the team’s new Surfaces competence never aspect on-court, interjection to a $100 million understanding Samsung struck with a NBA final year to spin it’s central tech supplier.

Ballmer’s anathema will reportedly take place in 2016, so players have one some-more year to delight — or censor — their iDevices.

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