Stanton available exam results, lapse still possible

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“I’m certain as most as anything, he wants to get some answers and know if it’s a existence for him going forward,” manager Mike Redmond said. “His mindset is he wants to come behind and play. Ours is, absolutely, if it can happen.”

Stanton suffered mixed facial fractures and lacerations requiring some-more than 20 stitches and mislaid several teeth after being pegged on a left side of his face on Sept. 11 by a Mike Fiers‘ fastball during Milwaukee.

On Tuesday, around his Instagram account, Stanton sent out a striking print of his scarred and distended face before and after he had some cosmetic surgery.

The Marlins are gripping Stanton in their thoughts. During games, his No. 27 jersey hangs in a dugout.

“Hopefully, he does come back,” third baseman Casey McGehee said. “But while he’s out, we wish to finish adult clever to let him know, when he does come back, that he doesn’t have to be a one doing all a lifting by himself, that we can lift together.”

The players have enclosed Stanton on organisation content messages and common photos and videos with him of what has been going on around a club. On Sunday, for instance, a rookies dressed adult as partial of their annual late-season, road-trip ritual. Pictures and videos were sent to Stanton.

Redmond hopes Stanton is privileged to during slightest have some at-bats, since it would assistance him mentally going into a offseason. It is puzzled he will be medically privileged to play a outfield or that he will risk diving or shifting on a bases.

“I would wish zero some-more than to have him step into that box 4 or 5 some-more times, or 8 some-more times,” Redmond said. “However many times it is before a deteriorate is over — for him to have that comfort turn of meaningful that he got behind into that box, and not have his final memory for a 2014 deteriorate [be] removing strike in a mouth.”

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