Sony gears adult to launch PlayStation Now subscription system

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Sony has slapped cost tags and set a launch date of Jan 13th on a subscription complement for its PlayStation Now diversion streaming service, that has been operative by several stages of sealed and open beta contrast given late final January.

This is in line with Sony’s initial representation for PlayStation Now, that it formally announced final Jan as a rental or subscription-based service dictated to tide PlayStation 3 games to PS3 and PS4 consoles, along with a PlayStation Vita and a name series of Sony and Samsung HDTV sets. 

Starting subsequent week, PlayStation Now users will have a choice of signing adult for a monthly subscription ($20/month or $45/3 months) to entrance over 100 PlayStation 3 games around a streaming service; it’s nonetheless misleading if that encompasses all games now accessible for lease around a service.

Though Sony hopes to make a subscription devise accessible opposite all PlayStation Now-enabled platforms, during launch it will usually be accessible to PlayStation 4 owners.

“We know there are lots of PS4 owners that never owned a PS3, and this is a good approach to locate adult on games they might have missed,” settled SCEA VP Phil Rosenberg in a press recover announcing a new subscription service.

PlayStation Now users have so distant usually been means to lease entrance to streamed games during prices many find to be too high, yet Sony has pronounced it is operative with publishers to make prices some-more savoury after soliciting feedback from PlayStation Now beta users. 

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