Snow shout blamed for wreck on I-93 in NH

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A sleet shout that came on like a “dense fog” caused dozens of vehicles to raise adult on Interstate 93 in Ashland, N.H., Friday morning, withdrawal one chairman severely harmed and 11 others with teenager injuries. The northbound side of a highway was sealed for hours.

The road, sealed in a area around Exit 24 given before 10 a.m., reopened only after 1 p.m., military said.

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In total, 12 people suffered injuries, nothing of that were life-threatening, State Police pronounced in a statement.

Ben Baldwin

About 35 vehicles crashed in remarkable sleet on Interstate 93 in Ashland, N.H., on Friday, including a lorry that held fire. One chairman suffered critical injuries.

The harmed were taken to Franklin Regional Hospital and to Speare Memorial Hospital. One studious from any sanatorium was after eliminated to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, a matter said. One chairman was certified during Spare Memorial Hospital.

According to State Police orator Michael Anderson, a chairman with critical injuries was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

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About 35 vehicles were involved, including a tractor-trailer truck. One automobile held glow and was destroyed, a matter said. It shop-worn 3 other vehicles and a load in a tractor trailer.

Of a vehicles involved, 31 were towed, Anderson said.

“It positively was a vital incident,” pronounced Bill Boynton, orator for a New Hampshire Department of Transportation. Boynton pronounced a astonishing continue contributed to a distance of a pile-up, as roads had not been pre-treated and drivers were unprepared.

While a pile-up is still underneath investigation, a area was strike fast and greatly by a sleet shout only before 10 a.m., Boynton said. Data showed cement on I-93 was dry during 9:45 a.m., though sleazy only 3 mins later, he added.

Ben Coleman, of Bristol, N.H., whose automobile was strike twice in a pileup, pronounced a sleet came on suddenly.

“It was like entrance out of a unenlightened fog,” he said. “You strike a brakes and a brakes aren’t operative obviously, so it was automobile attack automobile after car.”

Although Coleman’s automobile suffered repairs to a behind fender and driver’s side mirror, he pronounced a outcome was teenager compared to other vehicles concerned in a crash.

“One automobile got pinned underneath a tractor-trailer and was totally engulfed in flame,” Coleman said.

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