Smart fridges, skinny TVs and more: All a news from a biggest day during CES

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Samsung’s new intelligent fridge has a hulk arrangement and cameras inside.

James Martin/CNET

CES veterans know a busiest duration of a uncover is a day before it indeed opens. Press Day, as it’s called, is filled with back-to-back press conferences (naturally) that take place not during a Last Vegas Convention Center, though distant opposite city during a Mandalay Bay Hotel.

It’s a prolonged day and a lot to follow, that is because we’ve damaged it down for you. Read on for a list of a CES Press Day announcements that we need to know about most. And don’t forget to follow all of CNET’s CES coverage.


The association that always starts Press Day splendid and early showed us a full operation of products in a high-end Signature array for roughly each room of your home. Starting with TVs, a customary CES staple, a G6 series and a step-down E6 array have harmony with Dolby Vision HDR and underline LG’s slimmest pattern yet, measuring only 2.57 millimetres (that’s one-tenth of an inch) thick.

The wraps are off! Scenes from CES 2016 Press…

For a kitchen, LG has a new Signature Fridge with a singular door: hit on it and it turns transparent, vouchsafing we see what’s inside. And for those dreaded soaking days, a new Twin Wash soaking machine will rinse dual loads during once (in apart compartments) with a categorical cover doubling as a dryer. LG even has a vacuum that will follow we around a house. Weird.


LG’s crosstown opposition gave us a lot to speak about, heading with a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. That’s a $5,000 (AU$7,010, ‎£3,410) intelligent fridge (yes, we review that cost correctly) with a enormous (21.5-inch!) built-in touchscreen in a door. There are a ton of facilities here, so review a First Take for a full list, though a highlights are a touchscreen (it looks like a hulk smartphone), connectivity with other Samsung intelligent appliances and a bank of cameras inside that snaps cinema of your food and beams them to your smartphone. Silly we say? Well only consider about that subsequent time you’re during a grocery store and can’t remember possibly we need butter.

Other Samsung announcements embody a drudge vacuum we can control with your smartphone, an oven with Wi-Fi, laptops that are so light you can lift dual in one hand, and a tablet a distance of a iPad Pro using Windows 10. Oh, and one day during least, your Gear S2 smartwatch will be compatible with your iPhone.

All a cold new gadgets during CES 2016 (pictures)


A Ford Mustang we can sequence online with giveaway shipping for Amazon Prime members? No, though a automotive association is partnering with Amazon to let we control your intelligent home from your automobile by Ford’s Sync Connect and AppLink services and Amazon’s Echo home-automation heart and Alexa voice-concierge service.

Beyond Amazon, Ford announced it skeleton to work with a Wink intelligent home height to yield identical levels of voice ordered functionality true from your driver’s seat.

The smartphones that matter during CES 2016 (pictures)


Sony spent a press discussion concentrating on audio, TVs and camcorders. For example, if we consider turntables are a thing of a past, consider again. OK, a PSH-X500 is a USB turntable, though Sony promises this one is improved (it carries a “Hi Res” banner, after all) and it’s indeed attractive.

Videographers get Sony’s initial movement cam in utterly a while, a HDR-AS50. It has a customary 1/4-20 tripod mountain built in, an auto-tagging underline that can detect faces and a new underwater housing that can take a thrust of adult to 60 meters (196 feet). The 4K FDR-AX53 is a poignant ascent to a AX33. It has a new lens, new sensor and new microphone.

Bluetooth tool showcase from CES 2016 (pictures)


Cameras surfaced a bulletin for Panasonic. The association showed a DMC-ZS60, that has a ton of cold facilities including a choice to adjust concentration after we fire a photo. The ZS100 combines a 1-inch sensor with a 10x wizz and three new camcorders give we some-more eventuality to fire in 4K.

Appliances large, small, and intelligent during CES…


Jessica Dolcourt checked out a new Google Nexus 6P chronicle in gold and she was not bashful about job it pretty. Of course, a bulb are no opposite from a unchanging model, though you’ll get that glossy bullion skin during a same cost ($499, £449 and AU$899 for 32GB). That’s a good touch.

ZTE announced dual entry-level phones entrance to a US, a Avid Plus and a Grand X 3. The former is built for MetroPCS and comes with Wi-Fi calling, and a latter has USB Type-C and will come to Cricket Wireless. If we need something some-more durable, try a Kyocera Hydro View. You can asperse it in H2O and rubber seals strengthen it from dust. For something a bit fancier, a Huawei Mate 8 has a long-lasting battery, an all-metal build and a fingerprint reader.

The intelligent home products of CES 2016 (pictures)


Running on Android Wear, a Smart Outdoor Watch from Casio has a built-in microphone, a compass and a vigour sensor. It’s also water-resistant adult to 50 meters and built to accommodate US troops standards. Though Fitbit is famous some-more for a aptness trackers, a new Fitbit Blaze is some-more of a smartwatch, with aptness facilities folded in. And if we like your bling, a Huawei Watch now comes in a Swarovski crystal-encrusted model.

A night of gadgets and rigging as CES 2016 opens…

And that’s not all

  • BMW showed an i8 model that uses cameras instead of side-view mirrors to discharge blind spots.
  • Nikon took a wraps off a a D5 and D500 SLRs and a KeyMission 360 movement cam.
  • The Whirlpool Front Control Range connects to an app that lets users preheat, start, pause, stop and adjust a ovens heat and prepare time and it works with a Nest thermostat.
  • HTC’s new Vive pre VR headset has a room-sensing camera.
  • Alcatel’s 8-inch Pixi 3 inscription runs on Windows 10 and has a 1.3 GHz quad-core CPU, LTE connectivity, 8GB of inner storage and 16GB of RAM.
  • The (dare we say?) lovable Withings Go is a cosmetic clip-on aptness tracker with a replaceable battery that lasts 8 months, a waterproof skin and an e-ink screen.

The day isn’t over either. Digital Experience, a preview eventuality identical to CES Unveiled, is function now during a Mirage Hotel. Keep checking CNET’s CES package for all a news out of that eventuality and all else that’s still to come. Remember, a uncover hasn’t even non-stop yet!

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