Simpsons 25th anniversary marked

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Bart and Lisa Simpson, Chief Wiggam and son Ralph, barkeeper Moe and Apu from Kwik-E-Mart applaud 25 years of The Simpsons in Hollywood.

Those characters are achieved by 3 actors – Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria – who hosted a universe premiere of The Simpsons Take The Bowl during a Los Angeles unison venue a Hollywood Bowl.

The programme featured music, stars and reminiscences from a show.

The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, that featured several members wearing tall, blue Marge Simpson wigs, achieved as classical clips from a show’s past 25 seasons played on large screens above them. The 26th deteriorate of The Simpsons starts on Sep 28.

“Oh yeah, ‘The Simpsons’ will go on, prolonged after a tellurian competition is gone,” sang “Weird” Al Yankovic, who achieved “a small descant about Homer and Marge”.

Other guest appearing during a two-hour programme enclosed uncover creator Matt Groening, former “Simpsons” author Conan O’Brien, comedian Jon Lovitz, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk and Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer.

Zimmer, wearing a coupler lonesome with Bart faces, achieved a song he stoical for a Oscar-nominated brief film The Longest Daycare, that shows how Maggie saves a moth from a classroom bully.

The whole Hollywood Bowl was Simpson-ified for a programme, that continues this weekend. Plastic doughnuts dangled above concertgoers’ heads and life-sized card cut-outs of uncover characters were sparse via a venue.

New “Simpsons” animations were combined only for a concert, including a look during a Simpson family nearing during a Hollywood Bowl and Homer perplexing to conflict pulling a “fireworks” button. Another bit showed Maggie rising a fireworks, and with that, pyrotechnics exploded above a famous Bowl shell.

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