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“The world where there are Chinese, you can buy our flowers!” This is not bluster, but a living reality. According to China News, Guangdong Shunde, when flower growers are talking about their products, always full of confidence.

 According to the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said the first half of this year, Guangdong Shunde flower exports soared, only the export of flowers by the Shunde Port reached 868 batches of more than 900 million trees, has earned 2.67 million U.S. dollars, up 85%. Guangdong Shunde flowers, famous, good name gone, sold to the Netherlands, South Korea, U.S., Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions. This is known as “household appliances town” reputation of the Pearl River Delta Pearl, was a step by step to expand its tension, and strive to build a world-class “Flowers of the Kingdom.”

 Long history of planting flowers

 The horticultural industry is renowned Shunde prime characteristic industry, as early as 2000 years ago, the local had “spent the township, Hui capital” in the world.

 In recent years, expanding the scale of Shunde flower industry, in which the Millennium and stepping Chencun the most. According to statistics, so far, only be introduced Chencun flowers in the world had more than 25 billion yuan, of which foreign investment accounted for more than a third; flower business world, more than 400 families have more than 60 foreign companies, the United Kingdom, United States, France , South Korea, Australia and other countries of the famous flowers everywhere. Currently, Chencun flower planting area of nearly 1500 hectares, accounting for about two-thirds of arable land, the annual trade amounted to 10 billion yuan, and annual increases.

 Chencun, 60 square kilometers of land, more than 10,000 flower started by selling kumquat. Then jump into the barren loess has been world famous flower in the world, then the shuttle’s sight-seeing in the Pearl River, the highway has replaced the team and the steady flow of container transport flowers fly overseas charter flights. In Korea, there Nearly nine flowers from Shunde Chencun, the Netherlands and Australia florist flower power also know that there are a Chencun. Guangdong, as a center of radiation of China and the world’s “Flowers of the Kingdom” is taking shape here.

 Strong lead related industries in export volume

 Recently, with the reputation as the world Chencun flower pot seedling flowers Far Eastern and world exhibitions, publicity impact of a range of activities to Chencun Shunde represented by the flower industry, is more impressive. Various flower related industries here, quickly demonstrated vitality. Effectiveness of the flower industry has not only reflected in the land, it has been all sectors of radiation.

 It is reported that at least a dollar value of flowers can bring six-related industries, such as flower packaging, fertilizers, tools, and transportation. With the expanding scale, is derived from the greenhouses, film, soilless soil, moisture and so on more than a dozen related companies, some visionary companies have even begun to flower technology “bundled” sales.

 Shunde now has nearly 20,000 flower and quickly to the enterprise scale, specialization, technology, high-quality, high-efficiency production forward. Shun proudly said: “Mainland railway up to place flowers there Shunde, in the world where there are Chinese Shunde can buy flowers!”

 “Flower of the Kingdom of” long way to go

 However, the mere lists bright there are still many hidden behind the figures, it can be said Shunde create “floral kingdom,” is still long way to go. Shunde lack of new features such as the current seedling flowers, new varieties of scientific and technological content is not high; disorderly competition with industry leading transaction prices; plantations on plant pests and diseases prevention awareness is not enough, uneven management. As in Europe and the United States has a vast market of Lucky Bamboo price as before, only about half of previous years, there has been increasing output without increasing the embarrassing situation.

 In response to this situation, inspection and quarantine department recommends that focus on export flower farms set up their own brands, the introduction of new varieties and new management models to enhance the market competitiveness of products; the same time, expanding the production scale, adjust the industrial structure.

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