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In this world of internet marketing and the great advances in technology and human endeavour it is easy to forget that we are all children of God. The film Amazing Grace by Michael Apted told the story and the struggle of the abolition slavery by William Wilberforce in Georgian England. At one point Wilberforce is struggling to find his true calling, and during a morning sitting on wet grass, he comments to his butler that it is “God.”

“You found God sir?” asks the butler to which Wilberforce replies “I think he found me”. This is how I feel about the site Sermon World. It provides the most comprehensive sermon service available anywhere on the net. Every topic is catered for and if it’s your job or calling to deliver sermons you will never have to spend any more agonising hours struggling with what to say.

Even if you don’t use the sermons word for word you will find enough content in the newsletter you receive to inspire you to write compelling sermons which in turn will truly inspire your congregation. The number of sermons that you have to choose from is truly amazing. It will take away most of the hard work from you, leaving you to concentrate and tailor the sermon to your particular style.

Coming back to the fact that we are all children of God one of the sample sermons you get talks about the advances in technology. However it goes on to observe that the human brain weighs about 3 pounds. It contains 12 billion cells and each one of these cells is connected to 10,000 other brain cells creating 120 trillion brain connections. To compare the human brain to a computer is like comparing the Atlantic Ocean to the pond in your back yard. There are simply no comparisons to make.

Not being left behind by the computer age the sermons can be delivered using PowerPoint presentations. Making them ideal to use in colleges and schools, where young people are used to using new technology. Sermon World embraces new technology and moves the word of God into the future.

So exactly what do you get for your investment? Sermon World for 12 months subscription you will receive 4 to 5 inspirational sermons per month. All the sermons will be downloaded as Microsoft word files and PowerPoint presentations. The beauty of the format is that you can edit them to suit your particular style. Every month you will be sent a new user name and password to access the sermons on line. I have no doubt that once you start using the inspirational sermons from Sermon World your congregation will be inspired and enthused.

Here are the details for the site, go have a look. If you are looking for a guide to giving consistently inspirational and informative sermons then really THIS IS FOR YOU. The URL is shown below.

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