See Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in NBC’s ‘Peter Pan Live!’

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Christopher Walken—hook and all—is set to conflict Allison Williams in this initial demeanour at his take on Captain Hook from NBC’s arriving live prolongation of Peter Pan. Walken’s expensively given Hook has a mean demeanour in his eyes as he towers over Williams’ Pan—a ambience of what’s to come when they tackle a low-pitched that non-stop on Broadway in 1954.

While Walken is a theatre veteran, he told EW‘s Clark Collis that singing isn’t his forte. “I’m not a good singer,” he said, though he’s holding cues from another Broadway and film legend. “The songs are finished roughly like patter. Think Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady.”

As for his co-star Williams, Walken said she’s “wonderful,” revelation Collis, “I think she unequivocally can sing.”

Peter Pan Live! is set to atmosphere Dec. 4.

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