Seattle Seahawks fans who left NFC pretension diversion skip epic comeback: Is it ever OK …

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The Seattle Seahawks pulled off one of a many sparkling finishes of a NFL deteriorate on Sunday with their come-from-behind NFC championship win over a Green Bay Packers.

But some of a famous “12th man” had to locate Jermaine Kearse’s winning touchdown in overtime from outward of CenturyLink Field …even yet they were once inside a stadium.

With a Seattle Seahawks trailing 19-7 with 5 mins to go, lots of Seahawks fans were speckled withdrawal a stadium.

Is it ever OK to leave a sporting eventuality early?

When word of a quip spread, many attempted to get behind in, though were denied re-entry, a common order during NFL stadiums.

Instead, they had to do a NFL fan chronicle of a “walk of shame” and locate it on TV outward a gates.

This is a discuss that pops adult with Syracuse University football and basketball fans on occasion, some of whom have a repute for wanting to get a burst on trade and leave a SU diversion with time left on a clock.

I have to admit, my father was customarily one of those guys prickly to kick a throng and get to a automobile as quick as possible.

My response was always a same: “Dad, we live in Syracuse, not New York City. We’ll get home shortly enough.”

To be satisfactory to Dad, this would take place mostly during incomprehensible unchanging deteriorate games in that Syracuse had a measure good in hand.

It’s not like we ever left, say, an SU-Georgetown diversion early.

This was a NFC Championship game! Where were those Seahawks fans going? Was Starbucks about to close?

raquo What do we consider about a fans that left a NFC Championship diversion early?

When is OK to leave a diversion early?

Drop next in a comments territory and give us your take.

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