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He says “others are best placed to take this duration of eventuality forward”
to “hold Westminster’s feet to a fire”.

Scotland requires “new leadership”, he says.

The destiny now belongs to tens of thousands of activists who will “refuse
to go meekly into a domestic shadows,” Salmond says.

He attacks David Cameron for refusing to reason a second reading of a proposed
new devolution check on Mar 22, following a phone call this morning. He
suggests Tory MPs will retard a betrothed new devolution.

The Scottish people will “speak, and pronounce loud”, if a promised
powers are not delivered. People will be “astonished” and “incandescent”
that a “easy commitments are starting to be withdrawn” after the
Tories and Labour separate this afternoon.

Salmond claims in a phone call David Cameron called a Brown routine that
a PM sealed adult to a “meaningless process”.

Salmond says if that timetable, and a opinion for new powers, does not happen
Scotland will not accept it. He says a Yes discuss are a “guardians
of Scotland”.

Salmond adds: “I continue to trust in Scottish independence. we shall do
all we can to apportion to that cause.”

Asked if he takes shortcoming for a campaign’s failure, he says: “Any
mistake done in a discuss is cave and cave alone.” But he says the
discuss went a “long way” in a brief space of time.

16.02 The Tartan Army is fed up. Fans of Scotland’s inhabitant football
group have motionless there is small indicate in singing Flower
of Scotland, their anthem, during Ibrox.

One Scotland fan forked out: “How
can we presumably sing Flower of Scotland when it contains a absurd line
of ‘But we can still arise now and be a republic again’?”

Another admitted: “The anthem is totally surplus now.”

16.00 The Daily Telegraph has been criminialized from a First Minister’s
press conference, Senior Political Correspondent Christopher Hope reports.

Alan Roden, a domestic editor of a Scottish Daily Mail, reports that the
Mail and Express have also been excluded. The Guardian have boycotted the
eventuality after a Scottish Government sought to “hand pick” a
publisher to cover a end.

15.45 The lottery winners Colin and Chris Weir, who donated pounds3.5
million to a Yes Scotland campaign, have called on supporters on both
sides of a discuss to “come together as one nation”.

The couple, who won a £161 million EuroMillions jackpot, pronounced they were “deeply
disappointed” by a outcome, though had no regrets about ancillary the

They combined in a statement: “Of course, we are deeply unhappy by the

“But a people of Scotland have done their preference and, as democrats,
we accept a outcome.

“We have no regrets during all about a support for a Yes discuss in the
final dual years. As lifelong supporters of independence, we are unequivocally unapproachable of
what has been achieved.

15.30 Ed Miliband’s counter-proposal for a inherent gathering is
kicking a emanate “into a prolonged grass”, Downing Street sources
have responded.

Those betrothed powers for Scotland – set out in that Daily Record front page
proclaiming ‘The Vow’ – within a time list set out by Gordon Brown could
now be in question.

The 3 leaders concluded that a new powers for Scotland would be concluded by
Burns’ Night, with legislation prepared for after a 2015 ubiquitous election.

But Downing Street insists currently it wants a “new allotment for a whole
of a UK, not customarily Scotland” and that a “imbalance”
between Scottish and English MPs contingency be addressed in one go. Many Labour
MPs agree, Downing Street points out.

Mr Miliband is effectively perplexing to decouple a emanate of England and


Labour have deserted David Cameron’s proposals to secure English-only votes on
English laws during a same time as giving larger devolution to Scotland.

Labour sources indicated they would throw Cameron’s skeleton if a celebration wins in

A Labour source said: “We are not in foster of Westminster-led, rushed
solutions to these issues.

“David Cameron unsuccessful to live adult a arise today. It did not call for
a domestic gimmick. This was a impulse for a deliberate response.”

Instead, Ed Miliband called for a inherent gathering to residence demands
for wider devolution of powers.

The Labour personality pronounced there indispensable to be a array of informal “dialogues”
covering each area of a UK on how energy could be diluted from
Westminster – including in England.

Among a issues he pronounced should be deliberate are a reforms that would be
indispensable during Westminster as some-more energy is devolved to Scotland – including the
box for a “senate of a nations and regions” or for codifying
a constitution.

“The Labour Party will not now lay behind and put adult a ‘business as usual’
pointer over Westminster. Nor will we concede this impulse to be used for narrow
celebration domestic advantage,” he said.

“We need a response that matches a scale of this moment. That starts
with delivering on a guarantee of serve powers to Scotland.

“But other people in Britain, including England, now merit a chance
to figure their possess futures with a enterprising devolution settlement.”

15.10 Sir John Major has released a statement, that could be review as
revelation Labour to put celebration above republic and take some pain in accepting
Cameron’s English votes for English laws reforms.

MPs contingency give England, Wales and Northern Ireland larger self governance.

“The Referendum has delivered a definite outcome that settles a issue
for a unequivocally prolonged time – maybe for good. It has been a glorious indication of
democracy in motion, and has shown a universe that – however ardent and
intransigent views might be – hostile factions can come together peacefully
during a list box to make their voice heard,” he says.

“An lunatic Constitution can't survive, and would emanate bitterness
and rancour opposite a United Kingdom.

“No-one is some-more wakeful of this than a Prime Minister. Parliament must
therefore take this peerless eventuality to re-fashion a Constitution,
and offer devolved powers to all 4 Nations of a United Kingdom.

“This will apparently have repercussions for Westminster, some of which
will be intensely worried for many Parliamentarians.

“This routine is good above any Party politics. Our whole concentration should
be on what is best in a long-term for a republic as a whole. That is why
a Prime Minister and all Opposition Leaders merit a full support and
bargain as they embark on presumably a many critical Constitutional
contention in a nation’s prolonged and conspicuous history.”

15.00 Where’s Salmond?

Journalists were told he would give a press contention during 10am. Then 2pm. Then
4pm. Only a name series of reporters from a name few publications are
invited, apparently. There is conjecture he will resign.

14.55 Meanwhile in Quebec, internal separatists are digesting a lessons of
a discuss and putting a dauntless face on a better for a approbation campaign.

Writing in a Alliance Écosse-Québec page Amir Khadir, a member of a Quebec
assembly, says: “Quebec will not get liberty as a game of the
domestic chosen or from a PR discuss even if it has some media backing. To
win opposite a army of domestic inertia, media and mercantile interests,
a liberty transformation needs a amicable liveliness that can customarily come
from mobilising a people as a whole.”

This will, he adds, need to engage all from rallies to discussions
about internal cuisine and artistic events.

Quebec deserted liberty in a 1995 referendum.

14.50 Full story: Cameron signals radical taxation shake after Scottish opinion

David Cameron signals taxation shake in arise of Scottish


The White House has released a following statement, congratulating Scotland
for a “full and enterprising practice of democracy”.

We acquire a outcome of yesterday’s referendum on Scottish independence
and honour a people of Scotland for their full and energetic
practice of democracy. Through debate, discussion, and ardent yet
pacific deliberations, they reminded a universe of Scotland’s enormous
contributions to a UK and a world, and have oral in preference of keeping
Scotland within a United Kingdom. We have no closer fan than a United
Kingdom, and we demeanour brazen to stability a clever and special
attribute with all a people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as we
residence a hurdles confronting a universe today.

14.35 The Scotch Whisky Association has pronounced it welcomes a “stability”
brought by a referendum result.

“There contingency now be a renewed concentration on improving a business environment
so that Scotland’s economy can grow to everyone’s benefit,” pronounced David
Frost, a trade body’s arch executive.

14.25 Police Scotland has now reliable that 6 people were arrested
during a list and count for offences including purported crack of the
assent and assault.

However a force pronounced that a routine “passed off smoothly” and
that these were “isolated incidents”.

Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins praised and thanked members of the
open for their assistance and co-operation during a referendum discuss and

He said: “It is to everyone’s credit that they remained ease on a day of
potentially high tension and co-operated entirely with a military officers and
also a staff during polling places on a day when record numbers incited out to

14.10 It was a bruise wot won it

New polling
carried out by a Conservative counterpart Lord Ashcroft

shows that a particular decisions taken by Scots were mostly driven
by concerns about losing a pound.

Some 57 per cent of No electorate cited a bruise as their motive, followed by
pensions (37), a NHS (36) and open spending (32).

Among Yes voters, a outrageous 74 per cent cited disavowal with Westminster, then
a NHS (54) and open spending (33).

Some 73 per cent of over-65s voted no – while 71 per cent of 16 and 71 year
olds voted Yes.

Some have taken a news badly. Wings Over Scotland, an scathing and popular
jingoist blogger, writes: “Won’t ever be means to demeanour during a Scottish
licentiate again though meditative “You. You sole us out.””

14.00 Scotland might be staying in a Union, though a standing and
attribute with a other nations of a UK is going to change
significantly, as David Cameron summarized this morning. Here
Holly Watt and James Kirkup outline some of a issues that need to be

13.45 Labour has renewed a call for a voting age during general
elections to be lowered to 16 – a threshold adopted for a independence

Sadiq Khan, a shade probity secretary, pronounced a check was a “most
critical opinion in [a] generation” and saw thousands of 16 and
17-year-olds voting. He questioned how they could now be denied a opinion in
subsequent year’s Westminster vote.

13.40 Labour has got to “step adult and answer a question” of
either they support English votes for English laws, Michael Fallon,
a Defence Secretary says.

“It can’t be right that Scottish MPs can opinion on things that do not
impact English constituencies,” he says.

He manners out a early remember of Parliament that Owen Paterson wants – party
conferences are an critical wish of debating a proposals, he says.

13.35 The Muslim Council of Britain has welcomed a referendum
result, observant it demonstrates “the stress of togetherness and civic

Dr Shuja Shafi, a secretary general, said: “We can all learn from our
associate adults in Scotland who have placed so many faith in a democratic

He added: “For a consequence of all of a immature people, we wish a political
leaders make good their guarantee to remodel a democracy and safeguard that
politics is not left to a absolved few in a Westminster village.”

Yes electorate celebration in Glasgow final night

13.25 Rydhses po mernans!

Mebyon Kernow, a Cornish jingoist party, says a NO opinion reinforces the
box for a National Assembly for Cornwall.

Its leader, Councillor Dick Cole, challenged David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed
Miliband to support a origination of an Assembly and called for a “mature”
discuss on a destiny of a UK.

He said: “Mebyon Kernow wishes to repeat a call for a mature,
deferential and wide-ranging discuss about a destiny of a whole of a UK,
all a basic tools and how they are governed – with Cornwall during the
heart of that debate.

“The people of Scotland did not opinion for independence, though a No vote
was underpinned by promises of additional powers for a Scottish Parliament
from David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.

“The 3 leaders of a Westminster parties explain that a ‘stronger
Scottish Parliament’ would indeed strengthen a basement of a United

“This has outrageous inherent stress and it would now be
false for Cameron, Miliband and Clegg to repudiate a eventuality of
devolution to Cornwall by a possess National Assembly.”

13.10 John Swinney, a SNP financial minister, says he is disappointed.

“I have spent 35 years of my adult life agitating for independence,”
he says. He says it is essential that a UK Government sticks to the
calendar of new powers by Burns’ Night, as betrothed in a campaign.


Barnett, a creator of a Barnett formula, tells Peter Stanford, that his
regulation is outdated.

Ex-ministers are customarily unapproachable of their domestic “legacy”, and urge it
to their final breath, though nobody would be some-more gratified than this 90-year-old
counterpart – still an active member of a House of Lords – to see his
population-based regulation scrapped.

It’s a initial thing he tells me when we arrive during his home in Bury, north
of Manchester, for what he says will be his customarily talk on a subject
(he’s about to have critical medicine on his spine). Indeed, I’m perceptibly over
a well-polished front doorway step when he’s energetically pronouncing a formula
“fundamentally flawed” for a elementary reason it “wildly” over-estimates
Scotland’s race and therefore gives Scots a jagged cut of
UK taxation revenues.


A morose ‘Yes’ believer in Edinburgh creates his approach home in a early
hours after Scotland voted decisively to reject liberty

Labour contingency get behind English devolution and conflict a Barnett regulation if it
is to “survive” in a polls, Frank Field, a Labour MP has said.

“The many essential thing is now a speed. The Prime Minister should now
conflict and is reacting since he knows that if he doesn’t overtake UKIP then
his opinion is finished.

“It’s equally critical though some-more evident for Ed Miliband, a personality in
a Labour Party, it’s essential that in these integrate of days Labour has got
to seem as a genuine celebration of a English.

“If they don’t we’re going to have a generally choosing – they’re going
to have dual questions to ask for us. One is are a English now going to be
treated equally to a Scots, will we have a possess council or assembly?

“Our answer has to be unequivocally clearly “yes” to that. Secondly, each English
claimant will be asked, in Scotland each particular gets £1,500 some-more in
open spending than your possess constituents. Are we going to ask for that to
go on perpetually or are we going to proviso it out?

“The answers contingency be approbation to a initial doubt and approbation to a phasing out
on a second, if we are to tarry a polls. It’s customarily a problem for us if
we try and urge a standing quo that is now passed in a water.”

Labour sources told a Telegraph that Cameron’s skeleton to stop Scottish MPs
voting on English issues was “nakedly political” that would emanate “two
classes of MPs”.

Addressing activists in Glasgow this morning, Mr Miliband pronounced it was “a
opinion for change” from Yes and No camps.

He said: “Devolution is not customarily a good thought for Scotland and Wales, it
is a good thought for England and indeed for Northern Ireland.”

12.50 The United Kingdom as we know it is dead, Wales’s First Minister
Carwyn Jones has said.

The Welsh Labour personality launched a severe conflict on Prime Minister David
Cameron – accusing a Tory personality of roughly “sleepwalking” the
republic into disaster over a approach his Government rubbed a Scottish

Mr Jones – who dual years ago called for a inherent gathering featuring
all 4 home nations – pronounced a devolved governments contingency lay down together
with a UK Government for talks as shortly possible.

Speaking to reporters, a First Minister said: “We can't shun from
a fact that a Prime Minister roughly sleepwalked us into disaster last

“Discussions now need to be had for a inherent destiny of a UK.

“The aged Union we know is dead. We need to forge a new one, though no more
committees, no some-more messing about, no some-more wild deals – it’s time to sit
together, all of us as 4 nations, and work this through.

“The UK has suffered a critical damage and a adhering smear will not do.”

12.40 More from a Telegraph video desk

Scotland votes No: a referendum by numbers

Scottish electorate simulate on liberty referendum

12.20 On a Daily Politics, Michael Fallon is asked either he
knew a calm of Gordon Brown’s discuss on a devolution timetable.
Fallon says he knew a “drift” of it beforehand. He cannot
endorse that a skeleton were discussed in Cabinet.

People wait for a outcome outward a Scottish Parliament as voting in
a referendum closes in Edinburgh

“I don’t demeanour during a accurate calm of Gordon Brown’s speeches, we don’t
consider he looks during mine,” he says.

He says there is a “great understanding of unease” over powers being granted
to Scotland though “compensating” powers for England.

Nick Clegg is gay by a awaiting of some-more devolution in England. “Gladstone
was campaigning for Home Rule behind in a 1880s,” he says.

“As a Sheffield MP we tell we people in Sheffield utterly righteously say,
‘Well, if we’re carrying all this discuss about some-more energy and control moving
to other tools of a United Kingdom, since not to Sheffield too?’ or to
Manchester, or Liverpool, or Newcastle or to Cornwall?”

12.15 Bit some-more on a Russian perspective (see 11.55). Observers from the
Russian Public Interstute of Suffrage have announce a referendum did not “meet
general standards”, according to state-controlled news channel
Ria Novosti. The
room in Edinburgh was too big
according to Igor Borisov, who complained that a West had “lectured
Russia with a sepulchral voice” on choosing manners and not met them itself.
Hilarious, really.


Police Scotland pronounced that poise has generally been “excellent”
over a past 24 hours with customarily around half a dozen arrests in propinquity to
a referendum – mostly for “low level” offences such as crack of
a peace. Two people were arrested after purported assaults in polling
stations in Glasgow.

It’s an startling spin of events. Not customarily since within a past decade
a West of Scotland was blighted by unequivocally high levels of so-called
recreational violence, mostly including knives, mostly relating to youth

Consider Northern Ireland. Ukraine. Biafra. South Africa. The American Civil
War. The assign of India. The Balkans. China in a 1980s. Scotland for
many of a past 700 years. And so on.

Independence is a frequently bloody affair. In a brush of history, unequivocally few
countries have been means to travel to a margin of overturning a government
and violation themselves adult and behind again though violence.

12.00 Growing vigour from Labour MPs for Miliband to accept devolution

Former Welsh secretary and Neath MP Peter Hain – who helped extend a scope
of Wales’s devolution with a 2006 Government of Wales Act while a Cabinet
apportion – pronounced domestic parties had to accept there was a clever mandate
for “greater federalism” in a UK.

He said: “For decades now a Celtic nations have been job for
larger devolution and a English regions like Cornwall and a North are
reigniting their enterprise for larger autonomy.

“People via a UK will not mount for sluggishness from Whitehall and
a House of Commons any longer.

“This referendum has woken adult domestic rendezvous in a UK and that is
something to be celebrated, it’s positively critical that we take mind of that
though it’s what all of Britain, regardless of domestic creed, wants.”

12.00 Good afternoon. Scotland has voted; a Union is safe. For live
coverage of results
night from a prior 24 hours see a archived liveblog here.

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