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Editor’s note: Donna Brazile, a CNN writer and a Democratic strategist, is clamp president for voter registration and coming during a Democratic National Committee. A nationally syndicated columnist, she is an accessory highbrow during Georgetown University and author of “Cooking With Grease: Stirring a Pots in America.” The opinions voiced in this explanation are only those of a author.

Donna Brazile

(CNN) — we grew adult nearby a same tree-moss-draped area of Louisiana where U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise met with supporters of David Duke, a Klu Klux Klan personality who in a ’90s ran for administrator and senator in my dear state.

All my values were fake in Louisiana. Values like family, faith, village and a enterprise to assistance others.

I know a supposed regressive values that Congressman Scalise championed, including a low passion to taxes. Still, his preference to find a support of electorate aligned with a white supremacist shows intensely bad judgment.

He already knew where he was on a domestic spectrum. As Stephanie Grace, a columnist and contributor for a New Orleans’ Times Picyaune and now for a Advocate, says, he once told her he was “like David Duke but a baggage” — that is, but a neo-Nazi views.

Scalise was 36 during a time of a argumentative assembly he is now perplexing to explain. He says he didn’t know anything about a organisation he was vocalization to. But Kenny Knight, a male who invited Scalise to speak, was famous to Scalise as Duke’s debate manager. Knight says he told Scalise they wouldn’t speak about competition or a Jews. That should have been a tip-off.

Knight says he didn’t entice Scalise to residence a gathering of white supremacists. Instead, he asked Scalise to speak to a area group, a Jefferson Heights Civic Association, stoical mostly of aged citizens.

But Scalise admitted final week that he talked before a European-American Unity Rights Organization, that a Southern Poverty Law Center considers a hatred group. It advocates white leverage and wants everybody who isn’t like a members to leave a country.

Did Rep. Scalise need David Duke voters?

Controversy continues over Rep. Scalise speech

New questions about Scalise speech

Scalise said in an speak final week with that during that theatre of his domestic career, he spoke before any organisation who asked him. He combined he even addressed a League of Women Voters that “is a flattering magnanimous group.” That’s a organisation stoical of Republicans and Democrats who yield matching questions to any claimant and tell their answers but edits so electorate can be sensitive in a inactive manner.

A series of Republican Party leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner, came to Scalise’s defense. Boehner said Scalise “made an blunder in judgment, and he was right to acknowledge it was wrong.” There’s a taciturn acknowledgment in these defenses that Scalise knew who he was addressing.

It seems there’s a accordant bid to make this a non-scandal. Rep. Cedric Richmond, a sole Louisiana Democrat, defended Scalise as “not carrying a extremist bone in his body.”

I trust that. But it creates Scalise’s coming much, most worse.

So many politicians are so fervent to pull their sold beliefs — or simply measure points — that they don’t cruise a incomparable context. Was Scalise’s anti-tax summary so critical that it blinded him to a incomparable value of grace and equality?

Did Scalise cruise who he was representing? It’s a ethereal line for politicians. An coming is an substantial publicity of excusable politics. (You don’t have to speak about competition or Jews). Our politicians contingency be hold accountable. Our concept values, such as “All organisation are combined equal,” should not be disregarded in a name of seeking votes.

Millions of depressed soldiers who distortion in graveyards here and abroad gave their lives fortifying a element that each chairman is away included by God with tellurian rights, and that it’s a avocation of a supervision to secure these rights. Is it alright to boot an coming before a hatred organisation as simply an blunder in judgment?

Peter Wehner is a former emissary partner to President George W. Bush, and was an confidant to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. “The celebration of Lincoln shouldn’t have as a #3 a keynoter during a white supremacist convention,” he pronounced on Twitter.

There is a broader emanate here than Scalise and his coming before a hatred group. How most improved if a politicians took comment of themselves first, rather than behaving from a viewpoint of payoff that they can find votes where they wish but consequences.

We still have a ways to transport in a 21st century.

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