‘Saturday Night Live’s’ best Thanksgiving sketches

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One thing we’re grateful for this holiday? NBC’s Saturday Night Live, that is reliably humorous when rebellious a traditions of Thanksgiving.

With a uncover on interregnum this weekend, we’re holding a demeanour during some of a best sketches about Turkey Day, from a blueprint that’s some-more than 30 years old, to one that aired a few days ago. (Honorable mention: Here’s a bizarre Thanksgiving sketch that was cut for time final week.)

8. Thanksgiving Dinner

In a blueprint from 1979, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin and Paul Shaffer are relegated to a kids’ list in a basement, notwithstanding being good into adulthood. They breeze adult earning their reserved seats, however.

7. Debbie Downer: Thanksgiving Dinner

Rachel Dratch’s Debbie Downer knows usually what tidbits to share in sequence to make her peers feel uncomfortable. She’s such a downer, even a turkey leaves a list in this 2004 clip.

6. Target Commercial

Do post-election gatherings with a family highlight we out? This satire Target commercial from final week invites Thanksgiving guest to come suffer “the large dull parking lot we can usually come lay in for a sec.”

5. Adam Sandler on Thanksgiving

In a 1992 Weekend Update segment, Adam Sandler plays us his best Thanksgiving song… that incorporates copiousness of pointless contribution that rhyme with difference about how he loves to eat turkey “in a large brownish-red shoe.”

4. Garth and Kat sing Thanksgiving songs

Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig’s low-pitched duo Garth and Kat clearly make adult a difference to a song Directions to Grandma’s House on a mark in 2011. But a line “Who loves a tin foil?” is a winner, and so is special guest Chris Martin, who creates a cameo.

3. Penelope: Thanksgiving

Wiig, personification another one of her renouned characters in 2010, is a one-upper operative during a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving. The impression Penelope is generally humorous subsequent to Anne Hathaway’s do-gooder Mary. She’s a small some-more grateful appreciate everybody else, so…

2. Back Home Ballers

The catchy, all-girl swat sum a advantages of entrance behind in city to see your folks on Thanksgiving: “They wait on me like I’m sickly, that’s a life of a behind home baller,” goes a strain from 2014.

1. Thanksgiving Miracle

The usually thing that can keep a family from carrying quarrelsome discussions about politics, injustice and gender norms? Adele. Everyone loves Adele. They did in 2015 and they still do today.

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