Satanic Saints Row IV DLC announced

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GAT OUT OF HELL: New downloadable calm sees a Third Street Saints battling demons, “prominent chronological figures,” and Satan himself.

During their row during PAX Prime in Seattle over a weekend, Volition suggested a standalone enlargement for Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell, that sees a Saints going to Hell to “shoot a devil in a face.”

The expansion’s exhibit trailer offers a ambience of what to design – and it’s only as off-the-wall as you’d expect. A ouija house collision sees a President-slash-God Emperor for life sent to hell, before a rest of a Saints – led by a trigger-happy Johnny Gat – follow on a rescue mission.

Gat and a rest of a organisation will have to quarrel demons, “prominent chronological figures,” and Satan himself as they rescue a President. According to Volition, Hell will be about half a distance of Steelport, a city in that Saints Row IV is set. The enlargement also introduces a series of new weapons, including the Arm Chairmageddon (a recliner with guns), a Energy Caster, a Locust Gun, and a something that fires a disease of frogs. Two-player commune is supported.

Gat Out of Hell is due for recover in 2015, and won’t need a duplicate of Saints Row IV to play. It’s labelled during US$19.95 in North America.

Volition also announced Saints Row IV: Re-elected for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, that will embody Gat Out of Hell as good as a bottom game.

Saints Row IV: Re-elected launches in North America on Jan 27, 2015. No internal recover date or prices have been revealed.



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