Samsung’s 2015 CES press conference: Join us Monday (live blog)

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Samsung introduced a brood of new wiring during 2014 CES in Las Vegas.
James Martin/CNET

It’s time again for a annual Consumer Electronics Show, and Samsung’s press discussion is always one of a many expected presentations during a tech confab.

Don’t design any large mobile news during a uncover — Samsung tends to save that for after in a year. But a South Korean wiring giant, that is a world’s biggest TV and phone maker, will uncover off a latest stand of home party products and appliances during a press conference.

Samsung’s display starts during 2 p.m. PT on Monday, and we’ll be bringing we all a news and explanation from inside a Mandalay Bay hotel on a Las Vegas Strip. I’ll be live blogging along with David Katzmaier, and James Martin will yield photography from a event.

CNET’s live blog of Samsung’s 2015 CES press discussion

You can figure out what time a keynote will start in your timezone here.

CES is one of a many critical shows for Samsung, with a association divulgence many of a radio and home appliances lineups for a year. It’s not a large uncover for Samsung’s mobile business, yet past shows have enclosed new inscription announcements. For Samsung, CES is all about a wiring business.

Samsung’s past CES press conferences have noted a introduction of winding Ultra High Definition TVs, bendable TVs, smart-home software, digital cameras and several other gadgets. Most of a products eventually make it to market, though some spin out to be concepts that consumers never see — including 8K TVs, that are even some-more high clarification than a 4K TVs that gained traction in 2014.

Samsung’s events tend to be among a flashiest of CES, with guest speakers and prolonged lines to get into a venue. Last year’s uncover also enclosed a infamous Michael Bay incident, maybe a many talked-about impulse of 2014 CES. The “Transformers” executive was Samsung’s large guest orator during a press conference, though after an emanate with a teleprompter, Bay found himself during a detriment for difference and simply walked off a stage.

Samsung positively hopes 2015 won’t be a repeat of 2014 and a usually hum surrounding a display comes from a gadgets.

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