Samsung is suspending prolongation of a Galaxy Note 7, says Korean news agency

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Samsung is suspending production of a Galaxy Note 7 after a series of deputy phones — those that Samsung claimed were protected after a remember — held glow and sent during slightest one chairman to a hospital. The news comes from a Korean news group Yonhap. The New York Times corroborates a news citing a chairman informed with a prolongation stoppage.

The hindrance in prolongation is pronounced to be in team-work with reserve regulators in a US, China, and Korea, according to Yonhap.

The news comes in a center of a second Presidential discuss in a United States, creation it seem like a impossibly opportunistic news dump — however, it is early Monday morning in Korea where Samsung is headquartered. It’s also probable that Samsung’s tip government addressed a emanate initial thing Monday morning.

At slightest five deputy Note 7 phones held glow in a US alone this week, and several of Samsung’s carrier partners announced they would stop offered a phones entirely.

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